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The Ben Andrews Collection

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The Ben Andrews Collection Front Cover

Mighty Lucas Entertainment Exclusive Ben Andrews' legendary 11 inches in on full display in 7 of his best scenes! Watch in awe as he pounds away at power bottoms like Christian Cruz, Kurt Wild, Wolf Hudson and more! This collection shows off Ben's amazing talent and prove his star power!

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Studio: Lucas Entertainment

Release Date: Mar 06, 2009

Producer: Lucas Entertainment

Director: Lucas Entertainment

Runtime: 240 minutes

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Action Photos

Andrews cruz 1 256x178
Andrews cruz 2 220x147
Andrews cruz 2 310x240
Andrews cruz 3 256x178
Andrews hudson 1 220x147
Andrews hudson 1 310x240
Andrews hudson 2 256x178
Andrews hudson 3 220x147
Andrews hudson 3 310x240
Andrews wild tanner 1 256x178
Andrews wild tanner 2 220x147
Andrews wild tanner 2 310x240
Andrews wild tanner 3 256x178

Model Photos

Christian cruz 1 256x178
Christian cruz 2 220x147
Christian cruz 2 310x240
J 1 256x178
J 2 220x147
J 2 310x240
Kurt wild 1 256x178
Kurt wild 2 220x147
Kurt wild 2 310x240
Ldvandrewsconcept050 256x178
Ldvandrewsconcept061 220x147
Ldvandrewsconcept061 310x240
Ludovic canot 1 256x178
Ludovic canot 2 220x147
Ludovic canot 2 310x240
Scott tanner 1 256x178
Scott tanner 2 220x147
Scott tanner 2 310x240
Wolf hudson 1 256x178
Wolf hudson 2 220x147
Wolf hudson 2 310x240