The Ben Andrews Collection

Dear Reviewer:

Mighty Lucas Entertainment Exclusive Ben Andrews' legendary 11 inches in on full display in 7 of his best scenes! Watch in awe as he pounds away at power bottoms like Christian Cruz, Kurt Wild, Wolf Hudson and more! This collection shows off Ben’s amazing talent and proves his star power!

SCENE ONE (from Auditions 10): The fun kicks off with the monster-dicked Ben Andrews, and Jack MacCarthy. The guys get down to the sucking, butt-munching, and fucking, with much focus on Andrews' huge, uncut cock. MacCarthy takes Andrews in like a man, cumming upside-down in his own mouth when doing so!

SCENE TWO (from Auditions 12): Ben Andrews meets popular bottom J. Ben feeds J. his huge 11-inch uncut monster dick before flipping him around to pound his perfect ass. Ben jacks off all over J.’s face before J. explodes all over himself in excitement.

SCENE THREE (from Michael Lucas’ The Bigger The Better): Way horny after all their sex talk, Ben Andrews, Chad Hunt, and Steven Poncé start sucking each other off on the couch. They move to the bedroom, where the hardcore action ignites. Steven opens wide for both monster cocks and finds himself gagging on Chad while getting pounded hard from behind by Ben. The cocks work every inch of Steven in nearly every position until they throb out their juicy loads in a splashy conclusion!

SCENE FOUR (from Cruising Budapest II: Ben Andrews): Ben Andrews eyes hottie Ludovic Canot and invites him back to his room. Ludovic whips out Ben’s 11-inch uncut dick and swallows it whole, and the two 69 before Ludovic assumes the position on all fours. Ben sticks his massive cock into him before jacking his load into his mouth!

SCENE FIVE (from The Intern): While Ben Andrews daydreams, assistant Christian Cruz “accidentally” spills water on Ben’s crotch. It’s a ploy to see what’s really in Ben’s pants, and Christian finds out in the office utility bathroom, revealing the size queen’s dream: the biggest dick he has ever seen! He sucks on the huge uncut shaft like a pro before whipping out a “You Gotta Be Kidding”-sized condom to get fucked around the room. Christian then eats the cum up!

SCENE SIX (from Gigolo): We follow Ben as he hooks up for a threesome with couple muscle daddy Scott Tanner and twink Kurt Wild. The couple worship Ben’s monster uncut cock, followed by tons of 2-on-1 action that includes ass-eating and toe-sucking. Steve and Ben then take turns fucking Kyle until cum flies.

SCENE SEVEN (from Auditions 22): Bad boy Wolf Hudson gets prepped for his scene with monster-dicked Lucas exclusive Ben Andrews with an interview by Michael Lucas. The two then 69 and Wolf gags on Ben’s 11-inch schlong and darts his metal tongue stud into Ben’s tight ass. Then Ben takes Wolf from behind in several positions, starting it off nice and slow so Wolf ‘s ass can take in all the girth. Ben then jacks into Wolf’s mouth, and Wolf wolfs down the cream!