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Auditions 32: International Auditions

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Auditions 32: International Auditions Front Cover

Lucas Entertainment has tracked down a drool-inducing ensemble of men from around the world for INTERNATIONAL AUDITIONS! Featuring scenes with Max Schutler, Hugo Martin, Jordan Fox, Jay Roberts, Naor Tal, Baptiste Bremont, Lavi Yacov, Sebastian Ritz, and Michael Lucas!

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Studio: Lucas Entertainment

Release Date: Jan 18, 2010

Producer: Michael Lucas

Director: Michael Lucas and mr. Pam

Runtime: 120 minutes

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Action Photos

Jay jordan 1 256x178
Jay jordan 2 220x147
Jay jordan 2 310x240
Jay jordan 3 256x178
Jay jordan 4 220x147
Jay jordan 4 310x240
Jay jordan 5 256x178
Lavi sebastian 1 220x147
Lavi sebastian 1 310x240
Lavi sebastian 2 256x178
Lavi sebastian 3 220x147
Lavi sebastian 3 310x240
Lavi sebastian 4 256x178
Lavi sebastian 5 220x147
Lavi sebastian 5 310x240
Max hugo 1 256x178
Max hugo 2 220x147
Max hugo 2 310x240
Max hugo 3 256x178
Max hugo 4 220x147
Max hugo 4 310x240
Max hugo 5 256x178
Michael naor 1 220x147
Michael naor 1 310x240
Michael naor 2 256x178
Michael naor 3 220x147
Michael naor 3 310x240
Michael naor 4 256x178
Michael naor 5 220x147
Michael naor 5 310x240
Naor baptiste 1 256x178
Naor baptiste 2 220x147
Naor baptiste 2 310x240
Naor baptiste 3 256x178
Naor baptiste 4 220x147
Naor baptiste 4 310x240
Naor baptiste 5 256x178

Model Photos

Baptiste bremont 1 256x178
Baptiste bremont 2 220x147
Baptiste bremont 2 310x240
Hugo martin 1 256x178
Hugo martin 2 220x147
Hugo martin 2 310x240
Jay roberts 1 1 256x178
Jay roberts 2 1 220x147
Jay roberts 2 1 310x240
Jordan fox 1 256x178
Jordan fox 2 220x147
Jordan fox 2 310x240
Lavi yacov 1 256x178
Lavi yacov 2 220x147
Lavi yacov 2 310x240
Max schutler 1 256x178
Max schutler 2 220x147
Max schutler 2 310x240
Naor tal 1 256x178
Naor tal 2 220x147
Naor tal 2 310x240
Sebastian ritz 1 1 256x178
Sebastian ritz 2 1 220x147
Sebastian ritz 2 1 310x240