Auditions 32: International Auditions

Dear Reviewer:

With a drool-inducing ensemble of men from around the world, INTERNATIONAL AUDITIONS indulges the fucklust shared by these hungry sex-pigs. The five hardcore scenes feature Max Schutler, Hugo Martin, Jordan Fox, Jay Roberts, Naor Tal, Baptiste Bremont, Naor Tal, Baptiste Bremont, Lavi Yacov, Sebastian Ritz, and Michael Lucas!

SCENE 1: Hugo Martin & Max Schutler

Argentinean superstar Max Schutler and Spanish hunk Hugo Martin conclude their rap session with director Michael Lucas by stripping each other's shirts off and indulging in a passionate tongue bath. Great attention is paid to one another’s nipples and armpits—no crevice is off limits! When the boys are done exploring each other’s torsos, they assume the 69 position for a vigorous, mutual suckfest. They go at it with such relish, it’s obvious they are savoring every taste that hits their slurping tongues. Hugo flips Max over in order to take charge of his tanned ass, diving in with his tongue until his face is buried. This gets Max going until he’s eagerly thrusting his ass against Hugo’s hips and his big, stiff meat, absolutely begging to be fucked. However, Hugo has other plans, and he flips Max onto his back for some frisky foot fun! Finally, it’s time to give mad Max what he wants, and Hugo perches Max on his back, ass in the air, and starts to drill. Within seconds the two are bucking uncontrollably. They swap positions, and Max fucks Hugo’s hungry hole until he comes across his chest, and Max shoots a jet straight onto Hugo’s mouth.

SCENE 2: Jay Roberts & Jordan Fox

After stripping down to his tighty whities, smooth-bodied Jordan Fox embraces raven-haired Jay Roberts in a hot lip lock. Jay immediately grinds his face into Jordan's body, licking and sucking every inch of his toned physique. The two get naked and expose their massive uncut dongs, then exchange deep, wet blowjobs. After rimming his willing hole, Jordan mounts Jay's tight ass, pounding him to a massive sloppy explosion of cum!

SCENE 3: Baptiste Bremont & Naor Tal

When Michael compliments Baptiste on his “monstrous cock” that is “to die for,” power-bottom Naor Tal’s interest is piqued. Soon he is showing us just how true these statements are as he drops to his knees and gags on Baptiste’s behemoth bone, swallowing it to the base of his throat. In one of the best oral scenes of the year, Naor opens wide and chokes down the pretty Parisian’s power tool with aplomb. Baptiste can’t resist powerfucking Naor’s angelic face, and then Naor takes over the assault from his end, feasting on the giant schlong with pleasure. Next, Baptiste shoves his lips around Naor’s puckering puss, grabbing and squishing his butt cheeks on either side of his face. Soon Baptiste has Naor mounted and furiously fucks him senseless from behind. Naor then perches atop the great tower of flesh and rides it with a skillful bounce. Before he fucks off completely, Naor pushes him onto his back in order to give him dick from above, and plows him until they finally erupt in two streaming geysers of guy syrup.

SCENE 4: Sebastian Ritz & Lavi Yacov

Parisian Sebastian Ritz is excited to visit Tel Aviv, if only so he can hook up with a hot Israeli like Lavi Yacov! Following some time spent with Michael, the horned up international duo focus their attention on the completely unavoidable bulges that appear to be ripping through their tighty-whiteys. The tall and defined Lavi gags pretty young Sebastian with his XXX-L monster dick, shoving it down his hungry throat to the breaking point! But this hungry bottom doesn’t give up easy, persevering (despite a struggle) to accommodate his gigantic new friend. Soon the boys are 69-ing in a reciprocal embrace. Lavi takes control of Sebastian’s milky white bubble butt, feeling its smooth pressure points in preparation for the conquer. He enters Sebastian doggy-style, and works into a steady rhythm, causing the French fry to lose control of his exclamations. Moaning uncontrollably, Sebastian seems engulfed by the singular sensation of taking a truly massive Israeli cock. Lavi, in turn, takes full advantage of his partner’s premium posterior, which is simply begging to be fucked harder and faster until he leaves him a prize load, all over his pouty Parisian mouth.

SCENE 5: Michael Lucas and Naor Tal

Michael can’t wait to take his own turn with the adorable Naor, chatting with him first about their favorite sexual attributes and gym preferences before pinning him down and feasting on that championship hole. Soon Naor is sliding up and down Michael’s long pole with his mouth, gagging until tears come streaming down his face! Michael gives Naor a sloppy, dripping rimjob and plunges in deep from the back. He grabs Naor’s shoulders and rides his perfect ass with feverish abandon. Mounting the bottom from above, the legendary Lucas performs an astonishing 180-degree turn. Naor then rides Michael’s cock with tremendous buoyancy until they have no choice but to lay down and shoot their loads: a fitting finale for their flirtatious interview-cum-marathon fuck.