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Thu, February 18, 2010 “The models in Rafael in Paris had better get ready” for Rafael Alencar!

The reviews for Rafael in Paris just keep on coming! Here’s what Onan the Vulgarian said about our recent release:

Rafael Alencar was discovered by Marcostudio founder and director, Max Julien, in 2003, and since then he has gone on to work as a model, director, writer or producer for nearly every major porn studio. If your memory goes back far enough, you’ve seen him get fucked, though his bottoming days appear to be firmly in his past. The award-winning buns and the beer can cock remain, and the models in Rafael in Paris had better get ready.

Alencar is in two of the four scenes and one of the bonus scenes of this Lucas Entertainment production, which affords touristy views of Rafael, Michael Lucas and two of his fellow models out and about in gay Paree, interspersed with more intimate views behind closed doors.

Behind closed door #1 you’ll find Rafael cavorting with Marco di Lucca and Miguel de Palma. He feeds them his cock in turns and gives their asses no quarter, whether with his tongue, fingers or that enormous dick. This scene includes not only a sandwich fuck, with de Palma in the middle, but a double penetration of di Lucca. Alencar has this uncanny ability to seemingly control his ejaculations, and when he is ready to unload, he delivers spurts at discrete intervals into the waiting mouths of di and de.

Newcomers Greg David and Sahaj are behind closed door #2. Sahaj is the more slender of the two, with darker, longer hair. Both guys have cocks to make you pay attention and both know how to swallow a big one. Sahal is the bottom, and he gets rimmed before and after he gets fucked.

Jonathan Agassi is Alencar’s next scene partner. Agassi’s cock sucking is fully equal to the task of making Alencar’s cock disappear. Repeatedly. Rafael has no choice but to do the same with Jonathan, although he looks at one point like his eyes are going to pop out of their sockets. Alencar eats ass with such relish, you know he’s not merely doing it for the camera. It’s a grand scene that gives both men a super workout. Alencar carefully distributes his jism again, starting at Jonathan’s cock and dribbling it like Hansel leaving a trail of bread crumbs, saving the last shot for Agassi’s mouth.

Twink-ish Andy O’Neill sequesters himself with Antonio Cavalli and Marco Salgueiro for a cock worshipping scene with daddy-boy overtures. Marco and Antonio are each twice O’Neill’s size, with hairy barrel chests. Andy sucks them both, then they toss him onto the bed, tongue and finger his ass a bit, then take turns fucking him simultaneously fore and aft. Before they’re done, they fill his hole with a set of anal beads, then fuck him again. Andy cums first then Marco and Antonio station themselves on either side of him an unload directly on his face and in his mouth,

The two bonus scenes are a two-man scene with Jack MacCarthy and Murphy Maxwell and a foot-play scene with Alencar and Andrew James Jr. The M&M scene is incendiary and right now, it tops my list for the best sex scenes of 2010. MacCarthy has always been sensational. While not conventionally handsome or especially built or hung, he has a no-nonsense sexual hunger and magnetism that make him especially attractive. Ditto for Murphy Maxwell, whose tatts turn me off and whose name seems like it’s got the first and last names backwards. But Maxwell is another guy who radiates sex appeal and sexual hunger.

It’s galvanizing to watch MacCarthy fuck Maxwell’s face and at the same time drill his twitching ass with a finger. The things they do on a simple dining-room chair should launch a whole new concept in dinner parties and desserts. Mid-scene there’s a bit of showmanship when Jack double-fucks Murphy with his cock and a dildo, but the scene doesn’t need it. Murphy is all smiles waiting for Jack to pump a load into his mouth and they snowball it, then Murphy refreshes it by cumming in Jack’s mouth and continuing the kiss.

The Alencar-Agassi scene of Rafael in Paris is the showpiece of the main film but Jack MacCarthy and Murphy Maxwell pull the rug out from under everyone with their scorching chair encounter.

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Rafael in Paris Front Cover

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