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Mon, December 13, 2010

“Trapped in the Game” receives the highest review on!

Our Berlin Blockbuster-of-the-year Trapped in the Game received the highest rating on popular review site! Here’s their rave review:

“*** Highly, Highly Recommended ***

“Trapped in the Game” is so much more than a gay porn film, it’s an adventure, set in the amazing city of Berlin, with an unbelievably sexy cast led by star Jonathan Agassi.

Ably directed, shot and written by its trio of directors, this film gives us intrigue right off the bat, with Jonathan and Michael Lucas’ voiceover telephone call, which sets things up, to Jonathan waking up in only a pair of briefs, completely confused about what is going on.

Roofies, maybe? Who cares, because when Jonathan finds a bag of clothes and directions on how to get to an apartment where sexy Adam Killian is waiting, the mystery gets put on pause until Jonathan can work on Adam’s sexy cock and body. Jonathan licks Adam’s taut ass, too, and after tickling it with his full beard, Jonathan fucks it, sliding into Adam sideways, which gives a brilliantly sexy view of the act. The two studs switch off and Adam fucks Jonathan doggy, in heart-stopping action. This searingly hot scene ends with cum-eating and spit, and Adam fills Jonathan’s gaping mouth with seed and then kisses him with his own load still in Jonathan’s mouth.

Still, it’s only the beginning of Jonathan’s erotic journey, and Adam next sends him off to a parking garage after handing him a new suit of clothes to wear. Immediately upon his arrival, Jonathan is chased by a pair of sexy thugs (Aaron Mark and Carsten Andersen), but he escapes, and the two drop their pursuit and their knives and have sex to boost their spirits for losing their prey.

These two dudes really know how to kill time — they trade blowjobs, then Aaron licks out Carsten’s very tempting ass and fingers his hole. Another round of cocksucking leads to Aaron fucking Carsten from behind, and, after a quick switch up, Carsten eating out Aaron’s tight pucker. Before the scene closes, Carsten gets fucked again, working out his load and eating it while he’s being pounded.

Back on the Jonathan trail, the stud is aimlessly driving around looking for the police when he gets another mysterious call, which leads him to a “life imitates art” moment — the two men who are waiting for him in the next address given to him are Rob Nelson and Giuseppe Pardi, wearing only underwear. The walls are plastered with Lucas Entertainment PR material, and Jonathan learns that he is to have sex just like he’s had in one of previous roles, unless he wants someone to die. That person just happens to be Michael Lucas himself.

Not that he needs it, but that’s plenty of impetus for Jonathan to get naked and dive into a scorching three-way. The studs suck each other’s dicks in a variety of ways, with each one getting a taste of the other two, and then Giuseppe lies back to be plowed by Jonathan and Rob. Later, the three make an amazingly hot daisy chain with Jonathan in the middle. All of which is great, but the part of this scene that is scorched in my memory is when Giuseppe sits on Rob’s cock and rides it while Jonathan jerks off into the fucking pair’s mouths, which are locked in a hot kiss. Jonathan leans in and licks off some of his own cum. The cumfest continues when Rob shoots, covering Giuseppe’s face with it, and more licking and eating on the parts of all three hunks winds up the scene.

If you think Jonathan’s sex odyssey has been strange thus far, it gets far stranger next. Jonathan receives his next set of directions from Harry Louis, who is an anchorman on television. That turns out to be a red herring, because when waiter Hugo Martin spills wine on Jonathan, he is sent to yet another location.

With Jonathan hot on the trail somewhere else, we see schemers Harry and Hugo hooking up in a hotel room. Both of these dudes are hugely hung, and the oral part of this scene is enough to curl your toes, from the mutual cocksucking to the moment when Harry pushes his handsome mug deep between Hugo’s luscious asscheeks. Harry tops Hugo first, in some very watchable action, but this is a versatile scene and soon Hugo is fucking Harry’s gorgeous ass, and it obvious that Harry is having a pretty great time on the end of Hugo’s massive cock. After both dudes have shot loads on Harry, Hugo leans over, licks the cum off Harry’s torso, and gives Harry a big, wet, cum-flavored smack.

This thriller has a twist ending that is definitely worthy of all that has gone before it — for once, it’s a plot that pays off in the end, so don’t push “stop” after the sex is over, or you will miss it.”

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