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Mon, November 08, 2010

“The sex is hot as ever” in Auditions 36: Pounded

Our latest newbie sex exploration, Auditions 36: Pounded, was reviewed by Here are some excerpts of what they had to say:

“In outing #36 for casting couch potatoes, the interviews are no less fascinating and the sex is hot as ever.

Michael Lucas proves once more that he is the Oprah of gayporn in the hugely entertaining and sometimes mischievous interviews that precede the fucking in Auditions 36: Pounded.

Jake Steel and Spencer Reed, neither of whom is a Lucas Entertainment newcomer, are first to be grilled (and Steel is the first to be drilled). If you’re hot to get off, you probably won’t watch the interviews but definitely plan to come back to them later. They are great for reveling the person behind the porn star.

Jake Steel, my dreamboat-of-the-moment, is in two scenes — the aforementioned scene with Reed and a later scene, with Michael Lucas. As a sexual bottom in both scenes, he shows that he knows how to put his backside in motion while at the same time favoring lots of skin contact and kissing (which his says is his favorite activity).

Logan Stevens and Alessio Romero have a flip-flop fuck, enhanced by lots of mutual rimming and ass play. The finale of their scene is a firecracker. Alessio buries his face in Logan’s armpit while he jacks out a load. Logan, who previously came in Romero’s mouth, sucks up his jism and feeds it back to him via a very wet kiss.

A poster of Michael Lucas serves as a stand-in for the real person in the next scene. Standing behind the poster is a staffer who interviews Alexsander Freitas and Phillip Aubrey. Aubrey cracks up repeatedly at the interviewer’s deliberately crazy questions. Freitas has a lot of body hair here — more than I recall in other films, but his performance remains the same. Aubrey is always fascinating to watch, and you know he will work at least as hard as whomever is topping him.”

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