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Mon, May 13, 2013

Tan Mom films Cameo in Kings Of New York – Season 2

Patricia Krentcil (Tan Mom) will be featured Lucas Entertainment’s upcoming Kings of New York season 2. Lucas Entertainment filmed the wine soaked and effervescent talent last Saturday.


In each episode there is a mainstream celebrity that comes in and films a storyline segment that reflects the theme of the episode. In season 1 Lucas Entertainment worked with Andy Dick, Martin Samuel (Broadway performer), Lady Bunny, Bianca Del Rio, Derek Saathoff (The A-List NY), Derek Hartley (Sirius XM) and many more. For this new season Lucas Entertainment has filmed three episodes with Latrice Royale (RuPaul’s Drag Race) and Reichen Luhmkuhl.



A lot of people are reporting that Lucas Entertainment hired Tan Mom after a deal with Vivid fell through. The studio actually didn’t know about any contact with Tan Mom and Vivid. They are very smart for passing on her sex tape though! Creative Director Marc MacNamara contacted her agent and they went from there.



“In Patricia’s episode the theme is talking about how in this society talent, skill and ambition aren’t necessities to fame. Sadly in anybody burned by chasing the spotlight can become famous,” says MacNamara. “Patricia plays the owner of a tanning salon as the boys (Liam Magnuson and Johnny Hazzard) are just looking for some color before a weekend out on Fire Island. We expected Patricia to need a bit of hand holding but when she showed up we quickly found out we had to hold more than her hand to prop her seemingly inebriated body up. She seemed to having a great time but it was definitely a challenging day. In the end she delivered Tan Mom in all her glory and that’s what people are infatuated with.”



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