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Thu, May 28, 2015

Support | An Open Letter From Michael Lucas

Dear colleagues,

I’m writing you in regards to the recent actions taken by Zachary Sire of against the blogger of Following QueerMeNow’s win at the Grabby’s, Sire posted an unwarranted and overtly spiteful blog post exposing the blogger’s sexuality, profession, and other compromising details of his life. Given that he is based in Thailand, a country with no protections in place for LGBT individuals and stringent laws on pornography, this exposé becomes even more malicious. Sire even mentions the potential for the blogger’s arrest at the close of his post, in his usual sardonic tone: “Could the blogger behind QueerMeNow go to jail in Thailand for being a gay porn blogger? I hope not. He’s a really nice guy.”

While Str8UpGayPorn, and more specifically, Zach Sire, have created a niche for muckraking and creating dramas, deliberately jeopardizing someone’s safety and well being out of jealousy over a Grabby Award is a new low. In the post he mentioned the blogger’s name 28 times (no doubt for SEO purposes), included several images of the blogger, and goes as far as to mention where he works. Zachary’s intent isn’t limited to preventing the blogger from running his blog, his intent is to ruin his life. This sort of behavior cannot be condoned.

Zach Sire profits from his persistent and hateful attacks on the gay porn industry. QueerMeNow is quite the opposite, acting as an integral part of this industry and supports all studios and models. When the blog does offer criticisms, they are gentle and kind, because the blogger himself is a gentle and kind individual. While he should be celebrating his win, he is currently in a state of panic and fear; his most recent message to me was “I’m scared.” He has been there for us, so I am asking that we be there for him.

I’m encouraging all studios and models that Str8UpGayPorn has an active affiliate account with to demand Zachary Sire remove the blog post, or face closure of his affiliate account, denial of access to models for interviews and exclusives.

I am also encouraging all studios and models to contact Sire directly at to let him know you will not stand for this vile behavior.

Please share this message with everyone you know.

1 response to Support | An Open Letter From Michael Lucas

  1. Miles Previtire said on October 24, 2017

    No worries, Mr. Lucas. I let him know.

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