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Wed, June 02, 2010

SPANISH SEDUCTIONS Might Make You Gay recently raved about Spanish Seductions. Here is the review in full:

Homophobes and bigots who contend that homosexuality is a choice had better not watch this movie; it might make them choose to be gay.

I need a new rating for Spanish Seductions — something like “mushroom cloud.” These eight models don’t just fuck, they detonate. Not a man is left capable of standing and one wonders if the same was true of the crew.

Anchoring the cast (in more ways than one) is heartthrob Rafael Carreras. When he returned to porn last year in Lucas Entertainment’s Lost Diary of Giovanni, after a four-year absence, it was a major boon for porn fans. Then he disappeared again, just as quickly. Perhaps it’s better in the long run that he doesn’t dilute his impact with scads of films.

What I have written about him many times before remains true: When he fucks you, he looks you in the eye, if not the soul. Watchers of Spanish Seductions can get a better taste of that than ever before, thanks to the scene transitions, which are as incendiary as the scenes themselves. Filmed in black and white with his two scene partners, Jonathan Agassi, Axel Brooks and inter-cut through the film’s five scenes and film credits, this trio of performers serves up not sex but pure sultry seduction, with Carreras speaking directly to the camera/viewer as he appraises the carnal attributes of his partners while praising the carnal attributes of men in general. Playing in the background is a musical composition that’s heavy on cello or bass (the orchestral kind) and adds the perfect equivalent of groaning. Heady stuff, and just as good as the action scenes. Watch the trailer and judge for yourself.

The films begins with Carreras and Aggasi. In the DVD extras, Agassi calls this the best scene of his life and the best scene of 2010. I can’t quibble about the former and I may have to agree about the latter. Watch the beginning of this scene carefully because when Agassi grabs Carreras by the hand, on the street, and leads him indoors, Rafael’s cock is already at full mast and projecting straight up through his jeans, only barely hidden by his t-shirt. Both men are equally fervid about devouring each other, and although Agassi is the receptive partner, he is anything but passive.

When Bruno Jones and Thierry Lamasse crave each other, the sucking takes a back seat to the kissing and rimming in a fuck that flips. Then Carreras is back with his other scene partner, Axel Brooks, whose sword-swallowing may literally make you dizzy as he ricochets from his knees to his back without letting a millimeter escape. The two curl up like hedgehogs for a panoply of slurry sucking and rimming before separating so that Carreras can feast solo on Brooks’ ass, baste his buns with lube and saliva, and fuck him three ways from never. Great camera work puts your eye on the mark as Brooks works his hip flexor muscles like a human gyroscope.


Nipples are front and center when Maikel Cash and Leonardo Lujan push their t-shirts up to their necks and rub their pecs together. Lujan is the dark one with the tatts and his chocolate-colored nipple project like bullets, inviting Cash to swirl his tongue around them and nibble and pinch. They spend a lot of time kissing, nuzzling and rubbing their bodies together before the last item of clothing hits the ground and they hit the sack, or in this case, the couch.


In the old 23-character Roman alphabet, the letter U looked like V. You may have seen “IN GOD WE TRVST” on older U.S. coins. Pavlvs Guell ought to be more consistent, however, and either call himself Pavlvs Gvell or Paulus Guell. He and Jonathan Agassi fell in love on the set and that chemistry can be seen and felt in their scene, which brings Spanish Seductions to an end. This scene is also a flip-flop and it’s a chronicle of intimacy and passion rarely achieved on camera.

The videography of mr. Pam is pitch-perfect. the camera is her instrument and she plays it like a virtuoso. Besides the voracious kissing, sucking, rimming and fucking, Spanish Seductions also offers cum eating and sex that is as erotic as any you’ll see on film. It should be nominated for this year’s Nobel Prize for Chemistry.

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