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Thu, February 24, 2011

Review: AFTER HOURS is “phenomenal”!

Our hot and horned up men from Berlin impressed the judges in our heated fuck-fest After Hours! The film just received the highest rating on popular review site! Here’s their rave review:

“With an incredible cast of hot muscular men, Lucas Entertainment hits another one out of the park. Filmed in Berlin, where one is free to express themselves sexually, these office men give us a peek at what goes on “After Hours.”

Jonathan Agassi and Scott Carter can’t keep their eyes and lips off of each other. These two are eager for some action as they manhandle one another. Jonathan releases his fat cock and Scott is ready to service him. Scott fucks his face on that cock, choking himself as he takes it deep. Jonathan takes control as he slaps Scott’s face and pushes him back on the bed. These two look great together as they are intertwined on the bed. They work up a sweat as they ravage one another. Jonathan takes a taste of Scott’s seed and then pulls out to finish off. He shoots all over Scott’s face and mouth. Jonathan goes in for a wet kiss. He licks Scott’s face, and drools his seed into Scott’s mouth.

Harry Louis and Jay Roberts are very intimate with one another as they kiss, embrace and caress one another. They pull each other tight as they tenderly make out. The love making here is very sexy! Harry is an animal with some great sexual energy. The foreplay is very sensual and arousing. Jay releases Harry’s hard cock and begins making love to it. Harry fucks Jay doggy style, pounding that big cock in and out. He slams into Jay and Jay pushes back to take it deeper and harder. These two got at it hot and heavy. The fucking is relentless.

Mike Colucci and Lucio Saints have some powerful chemistry together. Lucio grabs Mike’s head and fucks his mouth and throat. Lucio spins Mike around and goes for his ass. He kisses, licks and tongue fucks that hole. Mike kneels on the bed so Lucio can get in there deeper. Lucio gets ready to fuck Mike doggy style. He clubs that hole with his bog cock before slowly forcing his way in. He stretches that hole and Mike moans as he feels every inch. It’s hot watching that big cock pummel that tight, hungry hole. Lucio continues to ride then pulls out to shower Mike’s stomach with his thick load. Lucio licks it up. Both guys are satisfied and relaxed after a hard day at work.

Jordan Fox is the man in control as he grabs Giuseppe Pardi and begins kissing him hard and manhandling him. Jordan pushes Giuseppe down and pulls out his big cock for him to suck on. Giuseppe is ready to attack. Jordan forces him down on it deep, choking him. Jordan then rapidly face fucks Giuseppe. He takes it rough and deep as Jordan abuses his mouth. This is definitely a sign of what’s to come! Jordan mounts Giuseppe from behind and rides him like a wild man. Jordan rams deep. He stabs that ass at various speeds. Giuseppe is crying out as Jordan jackhammers uncontrollably. In the end, after a wild ride, Jordan fucks a thick load out of Giuseppe’s cock, which erupts down his cock and hand. Jordan pulls out and rockets a huge stream of cum over Giuseppe’s head and all over his body. Giuseppe takes a taste of the spilt seed.

Once inside the apartment, sparks fly between Brice Farmer and Harley Everett. They lock lips and run each other’s packages. Harley slobbers down onto his cock and into Brice’s mouth. Harley moves down and deep throats Brice’s cock, before having Brice sit on his face. He eats that hot ass. He spits and buries his tongue, prepping that nice hole. Brice is on his knees and Harley lines up his cock. He sinks it in slowly and allows Brice to adjust. Soon they are riding as one. Harley picks up the pace and their bodies slap together.Brice is moaning in ecstasy as he enjoys the ride. In the end, Brice strokes as he gets fucked. He unloads onto his stomach. Harley rubs it in and then tastes the sticky treat. He licks Brice’s stomach and then sucks on his spent cock. Harley then finishes himself off, showering Brice with his man juice. Harley licks up some of his jizz and shares a kiss with Brice.

The men are phenomenal! The action is intense. These guys are super sexy in their suits. I am happy to say, I am now into hot businessmen!! Each scene is filled with an immense sense of passion and intimacy. Excellent work!!”

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  1. cristiano said on September 22, 2011

    this is beautiful harley everett alias beautiful it is not beautiful and gorgeous horny hottie

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