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Wed, February 03, 2010

RAFAEL IN PARIS HAS “INCANDESCENT INTERNATIONAL STUDS WORKING OVERTIME” recently reviewed RAFAEL IN PARIS, and “highly recommend” it! Here’s the full review:

Gay porn vanity productions come in all types, but my favorites are the ones where the star being celebrated is the hardest worker in the cast, not just content to bask in his glory. That’s why Rafael Alencar deserves “Rafael in Paris.” He’s utter perfection from his penetrating dark eyes, down his chest, with a pierced nipple, to his tattooed stomach, with a buff body that empties the mouth of all drool as one’s jaw drops. If that’s not enough, there is a rounded ass so fluffy it could be used as a pillow and, lastly, his cock. Way into the double digits, the dark uncut piece should at once amaze anyone looking and frighten anyone about to bottom for it. Rafael coasts through the movie with passion aplenty, joined by a bevy of incandescent international studs working overtime to make Paris even more the City of Light.

Rafael Alencar in Rafael In Paris

Without so much as a split second given to introduction, our Rafael starts the first scene making out with shaved-headed Marco di Lucca and reedy brunet Miguel de Palma. As Rafael coos in delight, the other two worship his body, from torso to armpits, and of course with copious kissing. Rafael is in an energetic mood here, so it’s lucky he has two playmates. Marco has the honor of being the first cast member to blow Rafael, doing so with a snapping head. Miguel, who also sports an impressive piece, then takes over, grabbing Rafael by the balls and swallowing as much as he can. The prettiest part of the oral is when the Marco and Miguel suck Rafael together. An entire football team could suck that monster at once, but two men are a delight. Rafael gives all the orders, which his pals are happy to follow. While Marco continues blowing Rafael, Miguel slips under Marco to rim him and then Miguel is turned upside down so Rafael can finger him while Miguel stays using his mouth on Marco. Rafael sweetly gives Miguel ample prep time with fingers because when he rams his dick in, Miguel still upside down, Rafael’s animal side emerges. Thrusting beautifully, Rafael is also sucking Marco. This is the epitome of glamorous porn. Our star then does Miguel doggy so Miguel can munch on Marco’s asshole. Rafael uses a style ideal for his size, pulling all the way out and then ramming all the way in with his full length. Tireless Miguel is still getting nailed by Rafael when he inserts his own prick into Marco and then speedily grinds back and forth. Camerawork underneath the action is invaluable. After all this comes the coup de grace of the scene: Marco sits himself on BOTH cocks at once. Double-penetration is always impressive, but when Rafael Alencar owns one of the dicks, it’s a major achievement for the bottom. And Marco is a spirited bouncer, very agile. Rafael can seemingly stay hard forever, so fucks both men alone after the DP. More two-on-Rafael sucking ends this wild scene.

Greg David and Sahaj in Rafael in Paris

After a little sightseeing by the cast, Sahaj, with alabaster skin and a bunch of ink, gets it on with Greg David, a swarthy strongman. Both are enormously hung, and Sahaj has a wicked curved shape. Sahaj blows first, impressively able to manage a large amount of Greg’s very thick dick. Greg pins Sahaj against the wall to force-feed him and then makes Sahaj tend to his balls. Then it’s Greg’s turn to orally pleasure Sahaj and the ease at which he can deep-throat is eye-popping. He’s a maniac! Greg pushes Sahaj to the wall again to rim his ass vigorously as Sahaj’s bubble-butt gets ready to welcome Greg’s meat. Welcome it does, all but inviting it to stay the weekend! Greg is a punishing top, fast and determined, and Sahaj proves himself an ideal vessel for Greg’s oomph. Flexible Sahaj can even turn backwards and kiss Greg. The bottom then rides Greg marvelously, his fat stiffy fully erect as well. When Sahaj bounces on Greg facing him, their chemistry registers wildly. Greg fucks Sahaj in two more positions before returning to rimming him and then dropping a load all over Sahaj, who also has a geyser burst.

Rafael Alencar and Jonathan Agassi in Rafael in Paris

A match-up of titans finds Rafael kissing Jonathan Agassi as they stroll the streets of Paris. Jonathan, a hairy hunk who sizzles as soon as the cameras roll is a dandy foil for Rafael. Rafael has Jonathan lick is torso, which of course causes Rafael to flex his biceps and show how delicious they are. Before long, Jonathan hunkers down to gobble Rafael’s cock, using every trick he can think of, including spit, his hands and no doubt lots of prayer. Always looking to make things go perfectly, Rafael sensually orders commands, followed by Jonathan to keep things humming. It’s not too often Rafael sucks dick, but he does it here, and expertly. Best of all is the eye contact he insists upon as he blows, making sure they are always connected. Jonathan returns to deep-throating Rafael, a feat that never ceases to wow. Attention is turned to Jonathan’s ass, into which Rafael tosses his face for a zesty vocal rimjob. Jonathan wriggled around on Rafael’s face, which only encourages Rafael to enjoy it more. Rafael even turns it into a giddy rimming-sucking combo. The pairing goes into wild overdrive when Rafael fucks Jonathan. Here’s a top who takes no prisoners and a bottom who knows no bounds. Jonathan seems so into it, he might as well order up another tattoo that says, “Rafael fucked here.” He is hell-bent on pleasing his top, backing up on the dick and allowing Rafael to work him over with tons of passion. Fearless Jonathan takes an unreal amount of full in-and-out blasts from Rafael and is completely comfortable when Rafael uses race car driver speed. There is no position too outrageous for this team, even the ones that seem physically impossible. A truly lunatic position with Jonathan balanced on his head while Rafael plunges down into him is a highlight. Jonathan never complains and Rafael never breaks a sweat. Though both cum on Jonathan’s chest, Rafael quickly gives Jonathan his dripping cock to relish one more time. They then kiss, mixing the gloopy cum between them.

A shirtless Rafael gallivants around the fountains of Paris, kissing all the studs he can find, and the finale scene starts with that same kind of loving making. The players here are thin twink Andy O’Neill, hairy beefcake Marco Salguerio and stacked sexbomb Antonio Cavalli. Almost immediately, Andy squats between his muscular mates and sucks them greedily. I’m not sure what compels Andy to suck at such a manic speed, but I’m glad he does it. He’s on fire going back and forth. He’s eventually joined on the floor by Marco so they can double team Antonio. Marco sucks well, but Andy is really the champ here. Even Antonio gets a chance to gulp dick when he works in tandem with Andy on Marco. The big guys roll Andy in half on the bed and rim his butt. Both are a tad tentative, better with their fingers. Andy is first fucked by a determined Marco, taking advantage of Andy’s rag doll size. Andy takes it like an ace, every fat inch, while sucking Antonio, his head pushed further into Antonio’s pubes by nasty Marco. Andy is then turned around to Antonio can pound the stuffing out of him, and Antonio is relentless, aiming to give the kid a romp he’ll feel for days. After the power fucking, the tops use very large anal beads on Andy. When it’s time to cum, Andy’s tops coat his face with their shots.

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Rafael in Paris Front Cover




  1. vikram said on February 9, 2010

    hi sir
    i watched gigolo movie
    its heart touching abt his relation
    i need director’s email
    please mail me his contct

    with regards

  2. wahyu said on November 9, 2010

    I like it rafael alencar.cook crips.(from indonesia)

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