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Thu, July 08, 2010

Rafael Carreras is “Extraordinary” in Spanish Seductions! recently reviewed our Barcelona production SPANISH SEDUCTIONS. Here are a few highlights, along with stunning pictures of our cast, plus the full trailer!

The star of “Spanish Seductions,” Spaniard Rafael Carreras, is extraordinary. Rafael makes such an impression that it’s absolutely fair to base the title on him. Of course, this is a Lucas Entertainment production, so we are treated to an international cast of porn gods, making for scorching sex.

This match-up of dynamos [Rafael Carreras and Jonathan Agassi] is truly inspired. When Rafael blows Jonathan, it’s as if sucking is redefined. In my humble opinion, Rafael Carreras is one of the best oralists around, and he gives Jonathan his best, filling the blowjob with oodles of spit and tons of fun style. Both are deep-throat maniacs and they go back and forth trying out-do each other. It’s exquisite. When they 69, magic happens.


The second scene takes place in a wonderfully decorated room filled with light. Hard-bodied Bruno Jones is making out with Thierry Lamasse, sporting a bit of hair on his chest. Both are in jeans so tight their boners are very obvious. Thierry sucks his way down Bruno’s chest and then fishes out Bruno’s awesome cock, a real beaut with a fat head.

Rafael is in complete charge [of Axel Brooks] the whole time. He starts at a mirror, looking at himself, but also noting that Axel is in bed ready for him. So, he unleashes his cock and has Axel suck it. Axel handles it admirably, showing a great desire to please Rafael and even managing to deep-throat. Best of all is their shared love of saliva. Axel spits a lot and Rafael drools down long chains of it to help keep the action moist.


There is sublime work from both [Leonardo Lujan and Maikel Cash]. Leonardo’s ride on Maikel is winning, with Leonardo showing off nearly every body muscle in gyrating around the cock that Maikel insistently plunges upward into him. Even then they aren’t finished, as Maikel fucks Leonardo sideways until Leonardo shoots. He then uses his cum as extra lube for Maikel, who is still fucking him. That’s hot!


From the onset, it’s obvious [Pavlvs Guellss and Jonathan Agassi] have a very real chemistry. Bearded hairy Pavlvs is a big sexy beast, and of course Jonathan flawlessly appealing as always. They talk to each other while making out, and it’s very cute. Since this does have the feel of reality, the foreplay is allowed to go on for a long time, and that’s anything but a complaint. The heat builds and builds.

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2 responses to Rafael Carreras is “Extraordinary” in Spanish Seductions!

  1. male escorts said on July 20, 2010

    Nice productions Michael, keep going 🙂

  2. Frelon said on October 22, 2010

    Hello Michael and Team,
    Your production is hot, hot, hot!
    (but I don’t like piss, fist, …).

    You have awesome performers being always so attractive. Congratulations and thanks for this.

    Question/Suggestion: Will you pair the 2 hottest Rafaels? Carreras and Alencar of course!
    Just putting them in a bed with 3-4 cameras around and letting the heat going up to the boiling point.
    Rafael Carreras and Rafael Alencar have never been paired on screen and that should be explosive if they are as good to each other as they are with their partners.
    Let’s hope!
    Thanks again for the pleasure given when watching your movies.

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