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Thu, April 29, 2010

LUST Is Highly Recommended! recently reviewed LUST, and here’s what they had to say!

Abandoning dense plotting and everything but actual sex, Lucas Entertainment’s “Lust” is an homage to guys who are simply horny and need to fuck. Yes, we know lust is a mortal sin, but it’s definitely one of the fun ones. I mean, would you willingly choose sloth or envy over lust? Be honest! None of the guys here would. Sex is the only thing on their minds and they get it just as they want.


It’s official! The best building in NYC in which to live in is the one inhabited by Rafael Alencar. First off, he goes to get his mail shirtless. Second, if he’s horny, he’s not discriminating. He’s on the phone with pal Spencer Reed and when Shay knocks on his door, Rafael simply grabs the bearded hottie and starts kissing him. I mean, come on! That’s a building to seek out! Rafael, looking as hale and beautifully muscled as ever, is in a sexual hurry to get shapely inked Shay out of his clothes, but the romantic in him makes it so they meander around his apartment kissing with smiles. Usually given rugged forceful roles, it’s nice to see the softer side of Rafael, though it doesn’t take long before he has Shay on his knees worshiping that magnificent giant dick of his. Shay, unafraid of it, starts immediately with a deep-throat, doing as well as anyone ever has on Rafael’s infamous piece. In his own way, Shay is also given to a romantic ideal, doing a slow-burn blowjob rather than simply an inhalation (though his gag reflex is activated now and then). When Rafael wants to get in on the oral action, he rims Shay, standing up, but bent over. Rafael tongue-fucks Shay’s very tight hole as Shay bobs back and forth on his face. When the fucking comes, Rafael throws Shay’s legs over his shoulders and holds him in mid-air, with Shay’s arms on his stovetop, and rams in his dick. This takes incredible strength and talent from Rafael, who still manages to get his entire dick into Shay. Rafael keeps the romance alive with sweetly-delivered dirty-talk and a slower fucking style than usual, but he’s relentless to Shay, who roars every time Rafael sends full amount of his dick up Shay’s ass. Once Shay is used to the dick, Rafael is able to go a bit faster, and his long elegant thrusts are a pleasure, with Shay now begging for every inch. Shay even plays with some fun tough positions to show off the fact that he can now take it all. His riding is excellent and leads to a cum-shot that creeps up his chest. Rafael drops his cum right onto Shay’s waiting tongue. “Welcome to the building, man,” Rafael coos before disappearing into the bathroom.


Shay, still breathless, calls his friend Shane Frost to brag about having had Rafael, but Shane is about to have sex with Ace Rockwood, so the call is cut short. Black glambomb Ace comes over in a towel hiding a hardon and youthful tattooed Shane starts sucking the hefty pecker with unceasing determination. The second of the movie’s seemingly unconquerable peckers is given a breezy blowjob, with Shane whipping his head all over it to show off his sucking skills. Ace then takes his own trip down Shane’s dick. He’s not as adventurous as many of the other suckers around him, but he has Shane panting with delight. Ace then goes a few inches lower to rim Shane, sweetly licking and then kissing his way back up Shane’s body until they are fully making out. Shane seems to adore having his ass eaten, and Ace accommodates, though soon he can’t hide the fact that he’s determined to fuck littler Shane. In another case of huge dick and little ass, Ace has to work himself in, but once there, he’s stylish. He can scoop, he can ram, and he makes sure to use all of his cock. Shane goads him by moaning, and Ace keeps blasting into him. It’s a fast and needy fuck (for both men), with Ace trying a slew of positions, none of which overwhelm expert bottom Shane. These two climb all over the couch to keep the positions fresh, giving the scene the desperate air of lust so important to the movie. Ace is just towering and untiring. Shane has a geyser blast to show how much he’s enjoyed Ace’s dynamic pounding, and Ace continues it until he’s ready to finish.

Spencer Reed had invited Shane and Ace to his place for a get together, but the lovers were too busy toweling off to answer the call. It’s a shame, because the assorted gang is a hot one. Spencer is joined by blond cutie Long Slash and dreamy Phillip Aubrey, who have invited compact bearded Israeli Avi Dar as a special present for Spencer. Avi shows up with a DVD of Matan Shalev and Arpad Miklos the guys can’t wait to watch.


The DVD shows raven-haired stunner Matan in bed with gigantic hulk Arpad, kissing sweetly. I’m not sure I’ve ever been able to apply the word “sweetly” to an Arpad Miklos scene. Workaholic Matan then starts to lick his way around Arpad’s enormous frame, taking special time in his armpits and on his chest. Arpad paws at Matan’s sublime butt as Matan devotes single-minded attention to pleasing Arpad. Matan then gets Arpad out of his undies and blows him, using his mouth and hand to get Arpad hard, a sight destined to impress. Matan is all over the whopper with undying determination, a jumble of frisky styles that are meant to keep the big guy writhing in ecstasy. It’s impossible for Arpad to remain this inactive in any scene, so he’s soon feeding his cock downwards into Matan’s waiting mouth, forcing nearly the whole piece whenever he can. Arpad, whose face is bigger than Matan’s pillowy insanely sexy buttcheeks, manages to somehow fit inside for a spicy rimming. We then get a true rarity, a blowjob from Arpad. His lust factor must be off the charts for him to do that, because Arpad doesn’t suck too many scene mates. It’s brief, because he wants to do what he does best, fuck the hell out of a littler bottom. He takes Matan flat on the bed first, rather gently fitting himself inside, though Matan makes nary a sound, though his mouth is open with loving amazement. Arpad does Matan on all-fours, now ratcheting up the energy level to become the demanding Arpad we all know, but Matan keeps up with him stupendously. Even a tough sideways fuck looks deceptively simple when delivered by Arpad, who uses his muscular frame to make it work. In mere seconds, Matan has cum and then Arpad stands over him and shoots.

Logan Slash Phillip Aubrey Lucas Entertainment Lust 2

The four guys at the party have obviously enjoyed the scene. Phillip and Logan leave to “go check on the dog,” which means hurrying to a small room with a wall of books where they start kissing like horny teens. Nearly shaved-headed Phillip and lithe Logan manage to use the small space wonderfully, licking and groping each other while taking off their clothes. Logan starts the sucking with chiseled Phillip pinned to the wall. With both his hand and his head adopting a corkscrew method, Logan treats Phillip’s dick like a treasure that he’s been waiting ages to handle. Phillip helps out by face-fucking him, showing off his abs to do so. The movie has a highlight when Phillip literally climbs up the wall, placing one foot on it and the other on the bookshelf so Logan can sit under him and eat his ass. For the time it lasts, it’s genius. Heading to a slightly bigger space, Phillip continues to have Logan insatiably munch his butt. This represents their best work. Phillip then sucks Logan gleefully, going a mile a minute as he devours the cock. Logan returns to rimming Phillip and then finally fucks him in the narrow space. Phillip, a sterling bottom in the Lucas cavalcade of stars works very hard to make it look terrifically sexy, though he’s not always matched by some rather standard topping from Logan. When Phillip can back up or grind around, their fucking can dazzle. But, it’s obviously not totally comfortable, because they soon switch positions so Phillip can nail Logan and this works so much better. Phillip is a confident rhythmic top who can get deep inside Logan with flashy know-how. Now the positions can become cleverer and Logan can start beating off until cumming. Phillip hurries out of Logan ‘s ass in order to land his cum on Logan’s face and mouth. So, boys, how’s the dog?

Avi Dar and Spencer Reed

Beefcake Spencer Reed admits to bearded Avi that he’s a huge fan, but the chitchat ends when Avi throws his face into Spencer’s and they kiss. Both guys have insanely muscular bodies, two true beauties. The kissing is hearty, and so is Avi’s tongue-bathing worship of Spencer’s torso. It’s not particularly long-lived, because Avi wants to get to the cock, but it’s good! Avi blows Spencer heartily, using a hand-and-mouth combo that literally has Spencer rippling with pleasure. Avi even works on Spencer’s balls, pulling them tight and gobbling them down. Avi also makes a lot of eye contact with Spencer, which helps build their wonderful chemistry. Then it’s Spencer’s turn to suck, if quickly, before he’s unloading giant amounts of spit into Avi’s ass hole and chasing it with his tongue. Avi’s wide-open hole beckons loudly to Spencer, who takes full advantage with a lapping forceful tongue. Avi goes back down on Spencer’s cock for a bit, but he’s now clearly in the movie to be fucked. So, he works a condom onto Spencer and then sits on the dick, immediately taking it fully and riding with spicy speed. It’s hard to seven see Spencer’s dick because Avi has it so far inside his ass. Spencer then picks up littler Avi and fucks him while holding him before depositing him on the couch to take over the action, plugging Avi with ease and strength. Avi cums and licks it up while Spencer is still fucking him and even submits to a doggie fuck after! This turns out to be their best position, ending only when Avi sucks Spencer into a cum shot of his own, slurping down all of it.


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