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Tue, August 03, 2010

Lucas Entertainment’s Spanish Seductions is “Smoking Hot”

Our friends at Frisky Fans recently reviewed SPANISH SEDUCTIONS, starring Rafael Carreras and Lucas Entertainment exclusive Jonathan Agassi. Here are a few excerpts, and don’t forget to watch the hardcore trailer at the end!

“Filmed in picturesque Barcelona, Lucas Entertainment’s Spanish Seductions is so smoking hot, people watching it will experience a true Catalonian burn. Pairing the stunning, hypersexed Jonathan Agassi (Paris Playboys) with these latinos is an inspired combination, creating a fiery film that should go down as one of the best films of the year. ”

“Agassi’s voluptuous body is a perfect match to Carreras’ strong figure. Visibly turned on with each other, they begin with lengthy, romantic foreplay. Carreras’ hard dick looks as long as a board…In an impressive act of sword-swallowing, Agassi deep throats in whilst gripped together in a sixty-nine…Not only does Agassi’s ass swallow it, he own beautiful body forms itself into a perfect foil for the hispanic’s long rapier in many great positions. Agassi stays completely turned on throughout their amazing fuck scene. He finished by taking Carreras’ cum load in his open mouth.”

“This hunk of man [Bruno Jones] is amazing to watch in sexual action. His uncut cock looks amazing. [Thierry] Lamasse stays completely focused, whether it be giving Jones a full bore rim-job, or all out plowing his ass. Jones grips onto the bed-knob in ecstasy, his face a contorting mask of receiving pleasure. In a great finish, Jones upends Lamasse and sticks his hard dick inside the Frenchmen, who easily reaches orgasm. Jones cums in Lamasse’s open mouth.”

[Axel] Brooks turns in an admirable job handling Carreras equipment. Similar to Agassi, sword swallowing skills are amazing. In a hot visual, Brooks presents his open asshole to Carreras, who takes his time spearing it. Flat on his back, Brooks ejaculates all over himself while getting fucked. Carreras puts in the hottest, and largest money shot of the entire film, shooting out a river of cum that coats the side of the muscle-bottom’s face, which he licks off.”


“[Leonardo Lujan and Maikel Cash] could pass for real life lovers, who queried the studio to have sex together on film. They are very sensual and into each others bodies. Lujan sports pencil eraser-shaped nipples and an ass of death, which Cash fucks with aplomb. Lujan turns out to be a quintessential gym-built latino muscle bottom.”


[Pavlvs] Guell is another new face who looks truly amazed to be fucking a real porn star on film. Guell mutters throughout their heated, passion how hot Agassi looks, especially when he fucks him. The two flip-flop fuck each other. We doubt that anyone would disagree either.”

“Congratulations to Lucas Entertainment for once again creating a superlative European-based film. Carreras’ performances make for the best “come back” we’ve seen in awhile, while Agassi could be one of the strongest gay adult performers when held up in international light. The behind the scenes shows some additional film footage of Barcelona, a beautiful city whose growing activity porn stars attest to the region’s rich history and vibrant culture.”

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