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Tue, November 02, 2010

Lucas Entertainment wraps Berlin blockbuster “Trapped in the Game”


November 2, 2010 (New York, NY) – International porn powerhouse Lucas Entertainment is proud to announce it has completed principal filming on four upcoming releases shot entirely in Berlin.

The titles will offer something for everyone’s desire ranging from our wet and kinky Raunch line to getting personal with the men in our Auditions line and exploring the fantasy of men in suits in our two Mainline titles.

First up is our edgy and suspenseful blockbuster-of-the-year “Trapped in the Game” starring Jonathan Agassi, Adam Killian, Harry Louis, Giuseppe Pardi, Rob Nelson, Aaron Mark, Carsten Anderson and Hugo Martin.

Jonathan Agassi has taken the adult industry by storm and has received newfound fame following his starring role in “Men of Israel”. “Trapped in the Game” follows Jonathan Agassi’s true-to-life move to Berlin as he is seeking a new type of excitement and wanting to feel the intensity of the gritty city. But not all is what it seems when he wakes up drugged and stripped in a crowded downtown plaza. Jonathan is thrown into a race against time by a maniacal puppet master who is playing him as a pawn in a game of life, death and sex! He has no choice but to play…

The film showcases many heart and dick throbbing “firsts” in the industry including Harry Louis’ premiere bottoming scene. “It was great to explore a new side of a fan favorite like Harry Louis,” says Lucas Entertainment CEO Michael Lucas. “It was an intense flip-fucking scene and the boys went at it hard!”

“Trapped in the Game” also features a very special guest star…Jonathan Agassi’s father. “It was amazing having my father on the set. Even though in his scene he locks me in a car on active railroad tracks” says Jonathan. “ I have such a supportive family and that is a beautiful thing.”

A behind-the-scenes look at the film and all of the upcoming Berlin titles will be featured on starting this week!

Scenes from “Trapped in the Game” will be available to members of starting Monday November 8th with the DVD being released November 19th.

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1 response to Lucas Entertainment wraps Berlin blockbuster “Trapped in the Game”

  1. Lucien said on November 5, 2010

    Definitely reviews show it to be the hottest movie of the year -Aaron Mark and Casten as thugs grabbing AGASSI looks brutal – and with then with ADAM KILLIAN ! — it surely will be a must see, must own , must view DVD of the year .

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