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Thu, April 21, 2011

Lucas Entertainment releases ASSASSIN!


New York, NY (April 21, 2011)— Lucas Entertainment, the leader in gay porn epics, is proud to announce the release of the much-anticipated and stylized film ASSASSIN! This film event of the season has been crafted as a work of art, merging the lines of pornography and film noir cinema. Assassin is a visual journey into the dark side of power and lust. Watch as an all-star cast gets caught in the crosshairs of a dangerous match of deception, murder and sex!

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Junior Stellano is a no-nonsense club owner who is on top of his game. He’s tough, in charge and likes his power as much as he likes his men. He’s one dominant man who knows how to work over his obedient boy toy Brad Star. When Junior finds Brad waiting in his office the aggressive boss wastes no time stripping down for this muscle-stud flip-fuck!

Rafael Alencar has put out a hit on NYC’s toughest boss. But the battle for control has detonated a deadly game of carnage. To gain command once again Rafael must hide any trace that can lead the crimes back to him. But Braxton Bond takes little time to delve into the madness of the chase and rather offers up something a little more useful to the powers at be. Rafael can’t resist and thrusts his monster cock and two dildos into willing power-bottom!

Cliff Jensen is a jaded bartender with a sharp attitude. When struck on a slow night by NYC newbie detective Steven Daigle, Cliff decides to play a game with him. This tattooed stud doesn’t fumble any nerves when faced with Steven’s badge. Cliff takes charge and brings authority to its knees as he feeds Steven’s hungry mouth with his own pistol before bending him over the bar for a hard pounding!

Drew Cutler is the thug doing the dirty work. He knows how to keep his enemies close, which buttons to push and who to have in your pocket. Wilfried Knight is the lead detective on the assassin case. But this officer doesn’t play by the book and has a black badge in the shade of deceit. The hot and hairy Euro-daddy is playing both sides as he meets with powerful aggressor Drew and drills the cum out of him!

Michael Lucas is the cold-hearted and driven assassin whose solemn life has been dedicated to carrying out the death wishes of others. His jobs are flawless. His hands are always clean. But when a jazz club performer, Adam Killian, witnesses his latest job the seams begin to unravel, as the hit man becomes the mark.

Beyond the excitement in the film, Assassin has a subtle and strong love that is showcased by Michael Lucas and Adam Killian. This pivotal scene of the movie lets us see the performers like we never have before. “Our scene was very different,” says Killian. “It was very personal. Something you wouldn’t expect from Michael or myself. It was the hottest and most romantic scene I have ever done.”

But the action doesn’t stop here as the fuse is ignited and the suspense burns from the beginning to the inevitable end of this edgy porn blockbuster!

ASSASSIN Part 1 and 2 is currently available to stream for members of More scenes and movie extras will be added weekly to the site! Be sure to check out the new Lucas Store to purchase the film now!

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