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Mon, January 09, 2012

Lucas Entertainment Gets Romantic with MEN IN LOVE

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Lucas Entertainment is proud to usher in a new level of sex with the romance-driven film MEN in LOVE. Each of the five scenes are powered by the basic desire to have an emotional connection with sex.


Primal fucking becomes an amplified experience when you’re in LOVE. It’s a heightened adventure for your whole body. There is romance, tender and slow caressing, eye contact and the intense chemistry of two men connecting beyond lust.


Jonathan Agassi and Issac Jones have had their eyes on each for a long time, dreaming and longing to find a way — any way — they could run off and experience each other for the first time. They manage to plan a getaway to Ibiza where they make love in the countryside. Jonathan slides Issac’s uncut cock past his wet lips and into his mouth. Issac moans and breathes heavily, unable to believe that he finally knows what its like to be inside Jonathan’s mouth. Their passion intensifies and Jonathan earns the reward of sliding into Issac; his warm, tight ass is ecstasy for the Israeli hunk.


Masculine beauties Damien Crosse and Will Helm make love against the shores of Ibiza — as the raging waters crash on the jagged rocks below, Damien and Will press their bodies into one another. Damien moves down Will, kissing his abs and licking his chest before pulling back his underwear and sliding Will into his mouth, playing with his foreskin and worshipping the shaft of his cock. Damien flips onto his back and wraps himself in Will’s arms as he takes care of his bottom man, showing him both love and pleasure until they reach their hot reward.


On a rainy and thunderous night, Rafael Carreras keeps young blond lover Leo Helios safe at home. To stay warm, the two beautiful men make slow love with one another in a hot bath. Leo is the submissive partner in the relationship — it’s his joy and duty to give Rafael pleasure, swallowing the uncut Cuban cock whole and deep. Rafael penetrates his lover, thrusting deep and hard into him while rubbing and caressing his lean and toned body and playing with his erect uncut cock.


Macho lovers Ben Brown and Scott Carter are all about pleasure. Ben tops for the first time on film as he straddles and mountsScott’s hulking and muscular physique. These are real men in love, and both are attentive to one another’s needs. They swallow deep with wet and excited throats before Ben turns Scott around and eats out his ass. Scott is a towering wall of muscle, but he’s a total and submissive bottom, and while the setting sun glows on them, Ben penetrates him from behind in a series of different positions — on his back, from the side, on all fours.


Young, muscled power bottom Jessie Colter isn’t just about fucking — he enjoys when a strong man takes him in his arms and makes deep and passionate love to him. Meeting his needs is Jean Franko, a powerful man who uses his thick uncut cock for both sexual gratification as well as treating the men who submit to him with tender care. When Jessie’s ass is prepared, Franko enters him with deep, penetrating ferocity, testing the limits of what Jessie can handle in his ass. But for his love, Jean, the intensity is all pleasure as they reach orgasm.

2 responses to Lucas Entertainment Gets Romantic with MEN IN LOVE

  1. Nick said on January 10, 2012

    I think Lucas Ent is the best porn production company ever !
    The movies they are releasing are better and better and this latest title, Men In Love, is the perfect example..
    I’ve seen 3 scenes so far, and each one was as good as the other.
    The actors are beautiful and they really connect to each other..
    The sex they have together seems very real and sincere – the desire and the passion they show to each other is obvious and wonderful to watch !
    I say only one thing : More of the same, Please !

  2. jobeneal micutuan said on May 26, 2015

    purok 4 buhangin street
    Davao del norte

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