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Tue, March 16, 2010

International Auditions Showcases “Perfect, Sexy Harmony”!

ManNet loved International Auditions! Here’s the full review:

Lucas Entertainment has sort of become the United Nations of gay porn: wherever there are hot men, Michael Lucas finds them, and brings them together in perfect, sexy harmony. And in “Auditions Volume 32: International Auditions,” Michael has found some of his most sensational men ever, from the streets of Paris to the mountains of Argentina to the breathtaking beauty of Israel.

First up are dimpled stud Max Schutler, a beautiful man if ever there was one, and fellow Latin stud Hugo Martin. Max has often shown in gay porn that he is a hungry, adept bottom, and with Hugo he is no different, moving from a mutually slurpy 69 to Hugo eating out Max’s superb ass before he fucks it. Max is a dynamite bottom — there’s no doubt that he enjoys having a hot cock in his ass, and he pushes against Hugo’s meat like he really, really wants it. But the two do a stunner of a reversal that has Max on top, slipping the cock to Hugo, and it’s every bit as hot, all the way up to the time Hugo strokes out a load while Max is fucking him missionary. With sweat running between his taut pecs and down his rock-hard abs, Max follows suit, giving Hugo a big, wet, facial.

Jay Roberts and gorgeous Jordan Fox kiss and do a little nipple-teasing to get their dicks hard, and Jordan’s cock looks mighty interesting in his tighty-whities, all curves toward his hip and thick. When Jordan’s cock escapes the confines of his underwear, the thick, foreskin-covered head looks good enough to eat. Jay and Jordan do suck each other, and Jay’s upturned, also uncut cock is hot as hell. Jordan eats out Jay’s hole, riming him deep, and then he fucks him deeply, missionary-style, until Jay spews big. Jordan pulls out and lets one fly too.

Hugely-hung Baptiste Bremont is a French stud par extraordinaire, and when his buddy in the audition, Naor Tal, gets a look at Baptiste’s pole he admirably doesn’t go running out of the room. Instead, he gets on his knees and sucks it, and does a great job, too. Baptiste rims Naor, really going at the stud’s tight little hole, and then he very slowly penetrates that same hole from behind, muttering little sweet words into Naor as he reams out his tight pucker. Before long, though, Naor is growling at Baptiste to fuck him harder, and Baptiste does, burying his dick balls-deep in Naor’s little hole. Naor cums loudly and huge, with Baptiste all the way inside him.

Next up are Sebastian Ritz, a Parisian beauty, and another hugely hung dude, Lavi Yacov. Lavi face-fucks Sebastian, working his way past Sebastian’s pouty lips perfectly. The oral sequence that follows includes an interesting 69, but this scene really takes off when Lavi puts Sebastian on all-fours and fucks him. Sebastian’s bubble-butt, upturned, and tan-lined, just almost looks unable to take the bulk of Lavi’s cock, but Lavi and Sebastian make it work and make it hot throughout. In fact, Sebastian is craving the reaming and enjoying every second of it. Lavi gets Sebastian on his back, and now the best part is watching Sebastian’s face as Lavi just totally takes him, dicks him down, turns him into a total, hungry bottom. The scene ends with Lavi feeding Sebastian his cock again, filling his mouth with it until Sebastian creams. Lavi ends the scene by aiming his load right at Sebastian’s pretty lips. Cum kisses seal the deal.

Naor returns for the last scene, no doubt because Michael, his co-star, knows a good ass when he sees one. Michael feeds Naor his cock until Naor is crying real tears, but Michael makes it all better with a stupendous rimjob. Of course, the real highlight of the scene is the fuck with Michael doing his patented, always effective topping performance. Naor really gets into it, and after some more oral action, he’s impaling himself on Michale’s cock and bouncing so hard I was afraid Michael’s thighs would get bruised. Michael fucks the cum out of Naor and then the scene reaches its conclusion with Naor under Michael’s balls, licking them as Michael jerks off.

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