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Thu, February 25, 2010

International Auditions is “Spectacular”!

So says! Here’s their complete review of INTERNATIONAL AUDITIONS!

Lucas Entertainment continues to roll out the spectacular auditions, taking it this time internationally. Michael has a gift for finding the hottest guys around. These international studs deliver their best for Michael as he captures the intense sex and releases Auditions 32: International Auditions.

Each scene starts with a snippet from the movie Inside Israel. (There is a preview at the end of the DVD for this hot movie.) Michael Lucas is interviewing Max Schutler and Hugo Martin. Max is from Argentina and Hugo is from Madrid. These two share a little bit about themselves, although Max has a hard time getting to the interesting stuff. It actually makes him more adorable. These two have great chemistry together. They begin to make out and grope each other’s ripped bodies. These two are hard and ready for action so they fall on the bed for some sixty-nine action. Hugo grabs Max’s head and fucks his face. Max proves to be a pro at deep throating big cocks. Hugo sucks on Max’s cock and fingers his hole. Max gets on all fours for Hugo to eat that ass. He stretches that hole open with two and then three fingers, getting it ready for that big curved cock. Hugo sucks on Max’s toes and then uses those feet to stroke his cock. Hugo flips Max’s ass in the air and he dives in for some more rimming. He spits on that hole and then slides his cock inside. Max is begging to be fucked. Hugo starts out at a steady pace, and then begins ramming Max deep. Max is groaning and panting uncontrollably. The camera captures the drilling action from all angles. Hugo flips Max and rides him doggy style before they trade places. Max gets a turn at pounding Hugo’s hole. Max leans over and kisses Hugo as he drives it in deep. Hugo wants it hard. Hugo strokes his cock as Max hammers away. Hugo spurts his load onto his stomach. Hugo takes a taste of his seed as max positions himself to shoot on Hugo’s face. Max stripes Hugo’s cheek with a thick rope of cum. They kiss and Max licks Hugo’s cheek clean.

Next up are Jay Roberts and Jordan Fox as they chat with Michael for a bit. Jay is from London and Jordan is from France. These two go right to it as they intimately kiss and begin to strip out of their clothes. Jay is all over Jordan as he gropes Jordan’s growing package through his briefs. Jay pushes Jordan back as he continues to kiss and lick that hot torso. He unleashes Jordan’s thick uncut cock and begins sucking. Jordan then stands on the couch and grabs Jay’s head to fuck that cute face. Jay delivers an awesome blowjob as he thoroughly sucks on that cock and balls. Jordan returns the favor as Jay stands on the couch. It isn’t long before Jordan is mounting Jay’s hot ass. He climbs up and slams in hard and deep. He fucks him from behind, and even climbs up on the couch so he can ram his cock in deeper. Jay flips onto his back with his legs in the air. Jordan jumps back on and continues to fuck him non-stop. Jay jerks off and shoots his load onto his stomach as Jordan continues to pound. Jordan then pulls out and adds his seed to Jay’s load. They share a kiss at the end.

Michael pairs up Baptiste Bremont with Naor Tal. Baptiste is new and comes from Paris. Michael points out the fact that Baptiste has a big cock. Naor is from Israel and is very hot. Naor is in for a major ass pounding. Baptiste, claiming to be nervous, loses all inhibitions as he gives an intense fuck to Naor. Naor starts out sucking on Baptiste’s big cock. He swallows that bat down his throat. Baptiste plays with Naor’s hole and asks Naor if he’s ready for it. Naor kneels on the couch and Baptiste feasts on that hot hole. Naor is sexy as he straddles the back of the couch as he gets his ass eaten. Baptiste suits up and slowly sinks his ramrod into Naor’s hole. Baptiste holds it there as Naor gasps and moans as he adjusts to the big intruder. Once that cock is buried deep, Naor asks to be fucked. Baptiste obliges and begins hammering from behind, slapping his body into Naor’s. Naor then takes control as he sits on that huge pole. He bounces and fucks himself. Baptiste jackhammers up into Naor’s hole. Then he has Naor brace himself with his hands and head on the floor as he’s kneeling on the couch with his ass in the air. Baptiste rides him like a bucking bronco, hard and fast. They resume fucking on the couch with Naor on his back. Naor is glistening in sweat. He jacks off as Baptiste works to fuck a load out of him. Naor goes high-pitched as he nears orgasm. He unloads on his stomach. Baptiste pulls out and straddles Naor’s chest where he shoots his load. He moves up so Naor can suck on his spent cock.

Sebastian Ritz, from Paris, and Lavi Yacov, from Israel, team up for a very passionate audition. They start out sweetly kissing. Lavi reaches up into Sebastian’s shorts going straight for the prize. Lavi’s pants come off and that big cock is straining to get out. Lavi stands on the bed and pulls out his big fat cock for Sebastian to suck. Sebastian handles that big cock with very little gagging as he gets his face fucked. He slurps on that big tool. Lavi takes a taste of Sebastian’s cock and the two move into a sixty-nine position. Lavi finger fucks Sebastian’s hole. Sebastian is on his knees as Lavi rims that beautiful eager hole. Sebastian commands Lavi, “put your dick in my ass.” Lavi buries his fat bone deep. Sebastian pants and gasps as Lavi slowly works it in and out. Lavi then picks up the pace and soon he’s tapping that ass. Sebastian comments that it is “so big.” He gets stretched out and is taking it like a pro as he gets hammered doggy style. He continues to whimper and moan in what appears to be in pain and in pleasure. He does take a forceful ass pounding from Lavi. Lavi gets him on his back. That thick cock continues to drill deep and hard. Lavi eventually pulls out and has Sebastian nurse on that big piece of meat. Lavi fucks his face as Sebastian jerks off and rockets a load across his stomach. Lavi drops his load on Sebastian’s lips and face. Sebastian licks Lavi’s cockhead and then they share some tiny wet kisses.

Just when you were wondering why Michael hadn’t joined in yet… he was saving the best for last. Or shall we say, saving the best for him. He chooses Naor to have a scene with. This is a great choice as these two connect very passionately. And when Michael is in a scene, you can expect it to be intense, too. Naor pulls off Michael’s pants and then Michael pulls off Naor’s. He has Naor kneel on the couch so that he can get a taste of that hot ass. They share a kiss and then Naor goes straight for Michael’s big cock. Naor sucks like a pro as he slides that meat down his throat. Michael stands as Naor continues to give him great head. He slobbers on that cock as he stares up at Michael. These two look so sexy together. Naor is back on his knees as Michael rims that sweet hole. Michael lines up his cock and slowly sinks it in. He starts to fuck Naor and the two fall into a fast rhythm. Michael gets a little aggressive as he pushes Naor’s face down as he climbs up and mounts that hungry hole. Michael is a machine as he pistons in and out deep, which causes Naor to cry out. Michael spins and has his knee on Naor’s back as continues to grind hard. Michael then resumes fucking doggy style and Naor is moaning loudly as he looks back at Michael. Michael fucks him in several positions. He stops for a bit and has Naor suck on his cock. Michael enjoys watching Naor’s head bobbing up and down. Michael grabs Naor’s head and forcibly strokes his cock fast with that mouth. Michael suits back up and Naor sits on Michael’s pole. Naor fucks himself a she jerks on his cock. Naor ends up on his back. Michael stabs that ass deep causing Naor to spill his man juice all over his stomach. Michael stands so Naor can suck on his cock and balls. Soon Michael is showering Naor with his seed, which falls on Naor’s face and body. Naor sucks Michael’s cock clean. Michael lies on top of him and they share a kiss.

You always know what you are getting when it comes to Michael Lucas’ auditions. Hot sexy men engaging in passionate sex! You can’t beat that!! Also, after watching these hot guys and catching glimpses of the scenes shot in Israel for the movie Inside Israel, you’ll want to get that one too. I know I am!

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  1. Frederic said on March 1, 2010

    absolutely stunning movie!!

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