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Tue, May 31, 2016

Don’t Miss Out On The ‘Nutt In The Butt’ Pre-Order Sale

Don’t forget to save some cash on the new pre-order film in the Lucas Store — “Nutt In The Butt” — and it features the Lucas Entertainment debut of exclusive model Stas Landon, who gets his ass pumped by Adam Killian! Use code NUTT and save 20 perfect off the cover price and digital download!

Here’s some more about the movie to catch you up:

How cum-hungry do you have to be to take a “Nutt In The Butt”? The Lucas Men are here to answer the question! Damon Heart fulfills his need for daddy dick, and it’s Tomas Brand who gives him a raw uncut load. The handsome and suave James Castle gets a taste of Derek Allan’s Mexican spunk. Lucas Entertainment welcomes the handsome Russian beefcake Stas Landon by pairing him up with porn legend Adam Killian. And Giovanni Matrix finishes us off by shooting his “Nutt” in exclusive model Javi Velaro’s “Butt”!

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