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Tue, March 17, 2015

Don’t Miss Out On The Major Price Cuts In The Lucas Store

Don’t miss out on the major price cuts in the Lucas Store! Here’s how it works: all movies from late-2013 back have been cut in price, some quite a bit and others quite a lot. These price changes are permanent!

Here is the price breakdown in greater detail:

Blockbusters —

$24.95 (DVD) / $19.95 (Digital Download)

Gentlemen —

$24.95 (DVD) / $19.95 (Digital Download)

Feature Films (And All Of The Subcategories Except Bareback)  —

$19.95 (DVD) / $14.95 (Digital Download)

Love —

$19.95 (DVD) / $14.95 (Digital Download)

Raunch —

$14.95 (DVD) / $9.95 (Digital Download)

Auditions (Installments 01 – 49) —

$19.95 (DVD) / $14.95 (Digital Download)

Model Collections —

$14.95 (DVD) / $9.95 (Digital Download)

Currently these price cuts don’t affect any of our bareback content, though we will be adjust the prices on some of our bareback films in the near future, so keep a look out for that, and I’ll be sure to let you know on the blog.

1 response to Don’t Miss Out On The Major Price Cuts In The Lucas Store

  1. Mike said on March 21, 2015


    When are you going to top Pedro Andreas and Raphael Carreras?
    I remember that you briefly topped Raphael years ago, but hopefully you’ll fuck him and Pedro Andreas again (and soon).

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