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Wed, January 22, 2020

Dan Saxon, Tomas Brand, Adam Killian, And Many More Added To Dirty Hamper

A new stash of underwear from the September 2019 production in Fire Island has been sorted, and they’re now for sale in the Dirty Hamper!

Lots of fan-favorite gay porn models have worn and autographed items that are now available in the Dirty Hamper from Lucas Entertainment, including:

— Dan Saxon

— Tomas Brand

— Dan Saxon

— Adam Killian

— Max Arion

— Max Adonis

— Dylan James

— Jonathan Miranda

— Andre Donovan 

— Allen King

— Alexander Volkov

Head over to the Dirty Hamper now and order the underwear of your favorite models, but don’t wait around or hesitate, because once an item from the Dirty Hamper is sold, it’s gone forever!

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