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Wed, April 15, 2020

Brent Everett, Adam Killian, Sergeant Miles, And More In The Dirty Hamper

More worn model underwear have been uploaded to the Lucas Store, and this time they’re all from the February 2020 production that took place in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. They’re all on sale now in the Dirty Hamper!

Top among the models who are selling their underwear is the all-star Brent Everett.

Lots of other fan-favorite gay porn stars have worn and autographed items that are now available in the Dirty Hamper from Lucas Entertainment, including:

— Adam Killian

— Sergeant Miles

— Nick Capra

— Adam Russo

— Andrea Suarez

— Drake Rogers

— Jeffrey Lloyd

Head over to the Dirty Hamper now and order the underwear of your favorite models, but don’t wait around or hesitate, because once an item from the Dirty Hamper is sold, it’s gone forever!

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