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Max Konnor

Max Konnor

Max Konnor is a New York City-based alpha top who fucks his bottom bitches without remorse -- and that says a lot when you consider the 10-inch big black cock he has between his legs. Max’s idea of the perfect lazy day is relaxing at one on the couch and bingeing Netflix. “I’m quite the homebody.” When he’s fucking, he loves fucking little twinks; the different in body types turns him on big time. Max Konnor enjoys fucking on sofa, and when asked what his favorite sexual activity is, he responded: “There’s nothing like that first penetration.” Well said, Max.

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  • Heka11 posted an update

    Yes more Max please. Watersports please.

    Posted on Oct 30, 2019
  • PaulC posted an update

    We don't see Max any more. Please bring him back!

    Posted on Sep 07, 2018
  • JP1990 posted an update

    Max is a very sexy addition to this studio and I'm looking forward to watching him in many scenes in the future!

    Posted on Jun 20, 2018
  • Franwood2 posted an update

    Max is a beautiful black guy . Please use him in a lot of scenes!

    Posted on Jun 19, 2018