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Asher Hawk

Asher Hawk

Asher Hawk is one hell of a sexy fuck -- he has the look of a smart-ass punk who is just begging to get bent over and railed with his devil-may-care attitude. And, funny enough, that's exactly what he does want. Asher is a bottom bitch in the bedroom and loves servicing raw dick with my mouth and ass. And if he as a cock in every one of his sex holes, then all the better. In Asher's spare time he loves to read and bike, and though he can be sarcastic, Asher Hawk has a heart of gold when it counts.

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  • Nitefly posted an update

    Asher has grown up and way hotter! Welcome to Lucas Entertainment !

    Posted on Feb 09, 2020
  • SinCityboy posted an update

    Wow ....Asher is hot af....please more ...

    Posted on Feb 08, 2020