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Antonio Miracle

Antonio Miracle

Antonio Miracle joined the Lucas Entertainment cast in Greece to star alongside Sergyo in the upcoming "Lucas Men 2.0." Don't miss his debut with the studio alongside Sergyo where they have plenty of fun together! And man, oh man: Antonio Miracle is one hell of a beefcake, and when asked what his favorite sexual position is, he answered doggy style, and with him as the top. You know, I couldn’t think of a better answer to come from him. Antonio was born and currently lives in Spain where he works as a DJ in the gay party scene when he’s not fucking raw in porn. Keep your eye out for him the next time you’re in Barcelona!

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  • bowles posted an update

    Antonio is an intense lover, by anybody`s standards. It is that eye contact, when he takes down his partner`s panties, without any" andantes"...I am certain that he will be highly popular.. He sure can strike up an acquaintance with another man`s penis, and does not find it difficult to show his sensual side....He has a great future with Lucas Entertainment.
    In other words... I like him a lot for what he is capable of doing.....

    Posted on Mar 15, 2016
  • bowles posted an update

    It has to be said that Antonio is a fantastic lover, and gains great excitement from rimming, and prolonged foreplay. He happens to have a very fine curved penis, which is a real bonus. .No wonder that he is always smiling ! I think that he has a great future with Lucas entertainment.

    Posted on Jan 20, 2016