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  • I absolutely love this video! Dylan James fucked the shit out of Michael Del Ray’s gapping hungry hole. This scene will be one of my all time favorites. Update by Tyrell Wilson

  • OMG…Michael Lucas, I must say that you have a talent for bringing out the raw, uninhibited, primal sexual passion in all your Lucas Men. From the very beginning of the video to the very end each moment was captured in beautiful lighting, set design, and geographical location. And I have to say this once again Michael you made me bust yet…[Read more]

  • Well…well…once again MIcheal Lucas you made me and all the other gay men all over the world bust another explosive nut. All I can say is that Drew Sebastian and Dolf Dietrich are a undeniable match. I love to see nasty raw piggish sex like this. Once again, thank you Micheal Lucas for making such beautiful porn. Update by Tyrell Wilson

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      Thank you Tyrell

      Posted on Oct 03, 2016
  • Michael Lucas all I have to say is that you know how to direct a fucking hot sexy scene and all your Lucas models are just sexy as fuck. I bust a huge nut to this scene what a mess

  • All I have to say is that “Adam Killian is a Porn Legend” in his own right. Not only does Killian work in front of the camera but also behind the camera directing as well. Since the beginning of his career Adam had never disappointed me, he knows how to please his fans and co-star sexually. Furthermore, you can tell a true genuine person in…[Read more]

  • Michael Lucas all I have to say is that you are one of the most attractive, masculine, but yet sensitive sexiest man I have ever seen, and you are packing such a beautiful dick the things I would have you do to me.

  • Jesse Vos all I can say about you this that I would literally fuck the hell out of you if ever given the opportunity. You make me fucking weak in the knees and you also make my uncut dick drip with so much pre-cum

  • @johnnyventure Johnny I want to deep throat that beer can thick dick of yours, and eat your smooth bubble butt out for hours upon end. You drive me fucking crazy just keep doing what you always do, and that is being a very sexy horny fuck beast