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  • Cowboy Steven uses rope to tie up Scott. Steven whips him, pisses on him and in him, fucks him.

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    • Gid-thelegguy

      Yeaahh…, Scott tied up, all dripping by Steven golden juice, outside as well as inside and then getting fucked while screaming in ecstasy!!

      Posted on Jan 23, 2013
  • Pool boy in a speedo gets caught pissing into the pool. The homeowner pisses on him to teach him a lesson. There is more pissing, sucking, rimming, and fucking.

    Morgan black
  • The guys are working in a lab with urine samples. They make a bet and the loser, Jake, has to drink a sample. Preston then makes Jake drink from the tap. He uses Jake’s hot holes for his pleasure.

  • In the men’s room at a bar, drunk and pissing. They watch each other piss and turn the piss streams on each other. They drink and spit each other’s piss. They get naked and rim and piss more. They fuck each other and piss on each other’s ass. They cum on each other and piss each other clean.