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  • great pic of you, look forward to your new scenes to come Mathew, you are so hot!!

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    • mathewmason Lucasman

      Thanks babe, Im looking forward to these ones myself

      Posted on Jan 09, 2013
  • hey buddy how are you? We haven’t seen you for a while. Are there plans to get into another LE scene in short time notice? Hope so, miss ya’

    • mathewmason Lucasman

      Absolutely. I have a few new scenes coming out soon. Not sure of official dates but very soon!!!!

      Posted on Dec 07, 2012
  • great new profile pic, what a tasty ass man, so hungry and smooth…….delicious!!!!

  • That ass really is worth a thorough exploration, what a beauty, giving it a warm and deep tongue bath must be hot as hell

  • No good sex without rimming !!!
    I love rimming active and passive. Best is mutual rimming 69.
    I can eat a clean shaved ass for hours.

  • It seems like you are a real ass eater buddy, I like that. What is hotter than tasting another guy’s greedy, hungry hole before and during exploring it at the fullest and it becomes even better when it has been clean shaven. I am an ass lover myself and man, at Lucas E there are a lot of guys that have a manhole to drool over, it’s the best!

  • nice new profile pic you added man, you are so good-looking, handsome muscular and smooth, three things I like in a man!!

  • Gid-thelegguy wrote on Counsel2's Reel

    Hi there, I’m based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • Counsel2 wrote on Gid-thelegguy's Reel

    Hi there,. Yo have a lot of opinions on tHe content of this site. Interesting. Where are you based.