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United States

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5' 07" (170 cm)

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Facial Hair

Clean Shaven

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What I Like to Watch

Favorite Porn Movie

Michael Lucas' La Dolce Vita; Gigolo; Naked Highway; Family Values

Favorite Porn Star

Michael Lucas, Wilfried Knight, Gabriel Lenfant, Blu Kennedy, Adam Killian, Christian Herzog, Ray Star, Christian Cruz, Naor Tal, Spencer Quest

Favorite Sex Acts to Watch

Fucking, Flip-Fucking, Rimjobs, Dildo Play, Interracial, Masturbation, Kissing

Favorite Types of Guys to Watch

Athletes, Blonds, Daddies, Bears, Black Men, Hispanics/Latinos

About Me

About Me:

I study porn, and Michael Lucas is my muse. He’s the reason I simultaneously enjoy porn and take it seriously as a cultural and artistic product that reflects the needs, wants, fears, and desires of the gay psyche and community. He has redefined the meaning of porn in our postmodern society, made it more mainstream and acceptable, and is one of the few porn directors to cater to all tastes: those who just want hardcore fucking, those who want more story and characterization, and those who want a little bit of both. Lucas Entertainment is about appreciating the diversity of gay male sexuality and embracing all its kinks. I hope Lucas goes down in the porn Hall of Fame for ages.