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  • Suit&Sheer posted an update 4 years, 11 months ago

    Minute 34:40 is beautful. We need Isaac and Kyle in a business scene wearing exquisite suits, shirts, ties and long sheer socks. Kyle has the legs for a passive role (legs up wearing long sheer socks without shoes). Isaac can take Kyle’s shoes off slowly to smell the sweat and then do sock worship with his mouth (eat all toes until they get so wet with saliva). Kyle will turn on with that.

    • Suit&Sheer

      Isaac will look so hot worshipping Kyle’s sheer socked feet. Kyle and Isaac will keep sheer socks on from beginning to end of scene. Will love to see whole body action (zoom out). To see the performers keeping shirt and sheer socks on (no shoes or pants) will keep us thinking how hot business men are in bed.

      Posted on Dec 14, 2012