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Open Bar

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What a lonely tourist Kyle King is: all he does is hang out in bars staring at the hot guys, fantasizing about what it would be like to have them all to himself. One night he’s loitering at an empty bar at closing time when Issac Jones offers him another beer. Kyle’s not interested in beverage or food, and a few horny looks tell Issac what it is Kyle wants. Issac hops onto the bar, shirtless, and starts making out with Kyle, who is sex-starved and ready to serve the French bartender’s every need. Their kissing is intense and strong; Issac loves pushing Kyle around, forcing him to service his cock and body. Kyle takes down Issac’s pants and shoves his erect uncut cock down his throat, gulping on it and only taking breaks to suck on his tight, smooth balls. The head of Issac’s cock swells and turns sensitive the more Kyle sucks and strokes it. Issac wants to use his own mouth, so he has Kyle strip off his clothes and bend over. Kyle has a beautiful hole, and Kyle loves clenching it around Issac’s tongue as he eats him out. Kyle is crazed the more Issac teases him, and starts begging his French top to fuck him. Issac would love nothing more: he bends over Kyle’s killer body and with his ass high up in the air, starts thrusting and pounding deep inside Kyle’s hole. All Kyle can do is groan and beg for it hard and deeper. With all of that hot action, how can either one of them hold out from a killer cum shot?

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Issac Jones

Issac Jones

Uncut, fresh-faced hunk Issac Jones stands six feet tall and shows off one beautiful uncut dick, eight inches! Issac is a native of France and loves all and any kind of sex, and the hotter the guys he’s fucking with the better. Issac started modeling because his boyfriend encouraged him to show off his goods, and he’s a guy who is always looking to please.

Kyle King

Kyle King

Las Vegas hunk Kyle King is a gay pornstar with an incredibly sexy face and body, and he's ready to use all of his features on camera! Kyle works as a model because he loves to fuck and has been asked to appear in adult films many times in the past. Kyle has fucked on top of a life guard tower and enjoys having sex with a variety of men -- this is one hot guy who doesn't like to discriminate. When it comes to sex, Kyle simply likes to let go and pig out!

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  • Suit&Sheer posted an update

    Minute 30:43 need to zoom out more to see full body form head to toes.

    Posted on Dec 14, 2012
  • Suit&Sheer posted an update

    Minute 34:40 is beautful. We need Isaac and Kyle in a business scene wearing exquisite suits, shirts, ties and long sheer socks. Kyle has the legs for a passive role (legs up wearing long sheer socks without shoes). Isaac can take Kyle's shoes off slowly to smell the sweat and then do sock worship with his mouth (eat all toes until they get so wet with saliva). Kyle will turn on with that.

    Posted on Dec 14, 2012
    • Suit&Sheer

      Isaac will look so hot worshipping Kyle's sheer socked feet. Kyle and Isaac will keep sheer socks on from beginning to end of scene. Will love to see whole body action (zoom out). To see the performers keeping shirt and sheer socks on (no shoes or pants) will keep us thinking how hot business men are in bed.

      Posted on Dec 14, 2012
  • leconte posted an update

    Salut, Isaac,

    Je voudrais une pression de vous!!

    Posted on Oct 28, 2012
  • LucasLover posted an update

    12 mai

    Isaac est tres beau, une vraie fantaisie!

    Posted on May 12, 2012
    • Marco

      I love too ;)

      Posted on May 12, 2012
  • bernard posted an update

    très belle scène, mais sur ce site, on ne peut télécharger que des vidéos nulles
    très dommage

    Posted on May 12, 2012
    • bernard

      désolé de vous avoir déplu avec ma remarque.
      je ne vous dérangerai plus avec mon \"dirty mind\" comme vous le dites si aimablement.

      Posted on May 12, 2012
    • sub_extraordinaire

      Mon dieu, on qui parle le francais ici. Quel surprise.

      Posted on May 16, 2012

      Nous sommes un site mondial!

      Posted on May 16, 2012