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South Africa





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5' 08" (173 cm)

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Clean Shaven

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7.0" (18 cm)



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The Last Day

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Avi Dar

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Muscle Men

About Me

About Me:

I will start by saying.. my emotions of life are usually exerted and then able to be described with Music. I function with the ability to relate to a song, a melody….a lyric. Music to me is the key to unlocking every hidden emotion, any passion, any vision I have had in my life. In order to understand me.. you will have to understand my passion for music.

My name is Robert, I have 1 sister. I would describe myself as a watcher, an observer, a dreamer, a lover, and have a passion for so many things in this life. I grew up blind to the real world… I was baptized LDS and honestly, never quite understood it the way I probably should have. I would say that in my childhood, I always felt different…. I always felt lonely.. no one understood me. I would go to school and not say a word… I would look around at all the students and wonder what it was like to be them, what it was like to have friends that cared so much about them. I wouldn’t look at anyone in the eye, in fear that someone would see though me and know what I was really thinking. I was scared of being hurt, and I was scared of being loved. I was in a constant limbo of life.. I always felt like I needed to prove to people that I was normal, and that I thought the same way as everyone else.. but I didn’t. I never knew exactly what was wrong with me that made the other kids not like me. My parents moved every year it seemed and I had to keep switching schools. I never felt stable, I never had the chance to create a bond with anyone. Anyway… I feel that because of this.. and a whole 50 pages more of my childhood… haha, I became the person I am today.. and at one point, was envious of everyone that was popular.. everyone that seemed so happy in school.. when really, I feel the most lucky now that I got to experience this childhood, and learn from it.. and apply it to my life as an Adult.

I want to help people realize what its like to be a little different, to be a little more open than others… a little more able to share my inner feelings than most. I want to be one that speaks for many.. One that lets other people in this world feel like maybe.. there is someone else out there that feels the same way. That being different.. makes us special.. 🙂