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  • hotscotty posted an update 7 years, 9 months ago

    Josh Rider has a big future ( check his twitter account he is very well connected )
    and will easily survive the typo on his first name.- magnetic and charismatic charm
    and a face and bod that yells star,,,,gimme more quick this hunk has me hot and bothered,,,

  • hotscotty posted an update 7 years, 9 months ago

    James is a great new exclusive – sexy , modern British , more than handsome , looking as if he will open up as he enjoys playing with
    The men of Lucasentertainment under the brilliant direction of Mr Michael – very excited to see his future and his inner slut on show in his
    “Fingering” games.Update by hotscotty

  • hotscotty posted an update 8 years ago

    two fabulous handsome exceptionally well endowed men with beautiful bodies and insatiable appetites,,,,what a great scene !,,,,these two, Alex and Derek give equally sexy performances
    in of the hottest, satisfying scenes ever and a great achievement,,,,,and they are new exclusives too!,,,,thanks everyone so much,,,now I’m going to view againUpdate by hotscotty

  • hotscotty posted an update 8 years, 3 months ago

    very hot, sustained energy, compelling encounter,,,,both men are individually super handsome and endowed, together they fuse perfectly, with Drae’s hot cock perfect
    for Rikk’s butthole,,,,maybe a meeting of Puerto Rico genetics and culture gives us this explosive and rarely to be enjoyed Lucas Men in Suits Entertainment,,,very well done all…[Read more]

  • hotscotty posted an update 8 years, 5 months ago

    perfectly matched fabulous hot sexy guys,,,,so good to share their sensual enjoyment – what a great pairing,,,,didn’t want it to end having cum half way through -exhilarating – thanksUpdate by hotscotty

  • Jecht Parker is gorgeous – what a beautiful body face and perfect skin,,,he’s a look a like for Arsenal Player Theo Walcott and you can’t say better than that,,,,would love to see him bottom in a slutty soccer piss scene,,,,,wow,,,,any chance of that,,,,?

  • Sebastian Young is one big boy hot filthy piss dude – wow he’s got my attention alright – and he pisses here there and everywhere with his big fat thick dick standing to attention – just how I like it – loved his squirming with a tongue up his arse – hmmmnnnnn makes me think he might like a dick up there too,,,,,loads more of Seb and his virtuoso…[Read more]

  • Please, more pics of this very hot guy Ben Rose – only 4 posted doesn’t do him justice – gorgeous blue eyes beautiful body and tats,
    And meaty dick with juicy swinging balls – yum,,,,lots of potential here for a total top,,,thanks in advance of more pics,,,,

  • This new exclusive Russian dude is one hot guy,,,,loads more of sexy Justin please

  • Eagerbritpig wrote on mathewmason's Reel

    Hi Mathew welcome back – I hope they keep you busy,,,,you are one of the hottest and most sensual guys around!
    In fact you’re the tops mate! No one has more beautiful pics and Lucas entertainment takes stills of you – back and front and evrywhichway – that have this guy hot and bothered! Thanks man,,,,

  • Hi now we’re friends I can tell you that I’d love to get that juicing hole all slurpy with my tongue and just a few fingers maybe,,,and a piss on it and up it,,,,,and oh yes rimming and mouthpising 69 is my favorite,,,yummy pig ehh

  • Tate Ryder deserves the best I’m sure most Lucas fans will agree,,,,,what a juicy Oz pig,,,,so, sorry, but I didn’t appreciate the choice of Preston Steel to wield the dildos,,,,no disrespect to Preston, but for once I feel the casting went wrong,,,,ok, Preston just ain’t my bag,,,,but Tate of course is a dream cum true,,,get in line I hear ya…[Read more]

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