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  • that’s the prettiest thing i have looked at i cant believe fire birds are on human skin its beautiful i love it wow but what about sickness.

  • Well im not gonna say anything but if there would be a contest called i would have to choose kyle:D: bc it’s a funny guy and looks unnoticeable

  • you got the new job, with 8 new lbs and a few needles to sow that junk up

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    • James Hetfield

      “Then again, i can always re-marry. I love my job, oh, a new comer, very sweet”. “I only when it comes out bc 1) im not paying for it but Israel is 2) forget school they don’t need it 3) it is my nice CV to the chief rev of ha-Aretz who gave me job.

      Posted on Nov 04, 2012
  • the rabbi finished, looked to the ground and thought and i saw my reflection from when i was in tachemoni, in those snow covered hills

  • the rav likes being a Sándor Petőfi to his two little gals, 1,5 and 4 years esp on the lap. but hey i have a rag

  • im honestly signing out of that establishment where they torture people and make fuck toys

  • our dad’s pray is spinning like …turn on the music!!!!!! i can’t take it anymore hahahaha tickle war. oh they’re doing it again. dad is having sex again. over the dead body.

  • Clean it, lick it i want it CLEAAAN:D:D:DDD, Jewish boys choose small Jewish girls to marry, i want my spouse to be so clean says a yeshiva boy to the rabbi, how are you going to clean it, scholar?

  • i’ve heard musical bands of Swedes, Aryans and dirty hoes that travel around and aim at sex with effects such as toystore blood kakophonia and sluts, last time on airport a bunch of junk thankfully a line to tel aviv and chubby ones too, it’s softer and loose lots of calories.

  • I love Brandon. Joyce

  • poor kids at home they have to witness it everyday, my friends live in a 3 bedroom apt and 5 kids then beautiful articles about jailbreak,what else can they do

  • i hope u no that in camera means behind closed doors. violet lol (thats a new israeli name in fashion, its cute).

  • You look very bold, those tattoos are great and it’s something to look at for hours but they look horrible the process of making them shouldn’t you decide to get a couple (more) piercings and maybe that you are homo? no, j/k

  • Dude, you should retire hadn’t you had enough at home and study like economy and graphs