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  • When will we have the pleasure of seeing Sean Xavier being double teamed? It will be such a highly desirable scene.Update by George

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    • michaellucas Lucasman

      Coming up

      Posted on Jul 27, 2017
    • Raunchy Gentleman

      Michael many thanks, that’s fantastic news and will be hugely popular with so many of your and Sean’s fans. You provide great quality service to your members.

      Posted on Jul 27, 2017
  • Michael, I fully agree with Heka11 a raunchy gangbang of Sean Xavier by hard tops with piss drinking & hole stretching by a pool or a dungeon leather scene, will be totally awesome as well as overdue, can’t wait!Update by George

  • Hopefully we’ll have the pleasure of seeing Sean Xavier being pounded and bred soon. Sean is such a hot talented performer when he bottoms.Update by George

  • Another hot scene! But is it beyond our dreams and aspirations to finally see Sean Xavier get gang banged or DP’d by some some hot Lucas Entertainment studs like Rico Marlon and Cody Winter. I’m certain Sean Xavier will be up for it.Update by George

  • Great to see Logan Rogue in Top form. Great too that many of Lucas Entertainment’s finest performers including Sean Xavier are currently filming in Barcelona. It will be awesome if Logan and others top Sean Xavier and give him a good pounding and be fantastic to see Sean Xavier get gang banged by his fellow hot performers. Can’t wait.
    Update by George

  • Sean Xavier has arrived in Barcelona to join the latest Lucas Entertainment production shoot. It will be a fantastic hot production if we see Sean Xavier getting gang banged and/or DP’d.Update by George

  • I’ve always been a loyal member of Lucas Entertainment and was overjoyed when Sean Xavier joined as an exclusive performer as he is such a quality unique fully versatile star. I was eagerly waiting for this scene as it’s always special to see Sean Xavier bottom but I do believe that this would have a been a much hotter scene all around with Sean…[Read more]

  • It would be an extremely hot and fantastic scene if Sean Xavier was DP’d or gang banged.Update by George

  • Fingers crossed that one day Sean Xavier will be DP’d.Update by George

  • Raunchy Gentleman posted an update 2 months ago

    As a longstanding Lucas Entertainment member I’m always most happy to see the excellent Sean Xavier in action who is my most favorite versatile performer and this scene is great. But I’m also eagerly looking forward to seeing Sean Xavier fully bottom again in a hot scene similar to that fantastic scene where Michael Lucas topped Sean Xavier!Update by George

  • Lucas Entertainment as usual maintains the utmost highest standards with a superb performance from two very hot performers.

    Rico Marlon is fantastic and a very special scene would be for Rico to top Sean Xavier whose another fantastic performer. Sean Xavier bottoming for Rico would be a spectacularly stunning scene! Update by George

  • Be fantastic to see Sean Xavier do a DP too with Sean getting fucked by several hung dudes.Update by George

  • Sean Xavier is my favorite Star and I do so hope that Sean bottoms again soon as he truly is the best versatile performer.Update by George

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    • michaellucas Lucasman

      He just did, stay tuned.

      Posted on May 09, 2017
  • Sean Xavier is tremendous. But when are we going see him bottom and take piss again? As Sean Xavier really can be Lucas Entertainments best ever versatile performer especially if he bottoms for several dicks and takes lots of piss on Lucas Raunch!

  • All my dreams will come true if the very sexy hot Sean Xavier bottomed for several hung studs and was pissed on by them. Sean Xavier can be a very raunchy performer.

  • The Jon Bae-Sergent Miles scene is great, and I know it’s somewhat selfish of me but when are we going to see the excellent Sean Xavier do a complete raw bottoming scene and take several dicks? Sean Xavier is a remarkable versatile star and it will be so special to see him in a 100% raw bottoming scene.

    Sean Xavier hasn’t done another 100%…[Read more]

  • Love to see hot Sean Xavier be gang banged in similar scene.Update by George

  • Raunchy Gentleman posted an update 4 months ago

    Another fantastic hot scene and both performers hit the nail! However It would be fantastic if Viktor Rom or Rico Marlon or both together soon top Sean Xavier
    hard in a raunchy scene with them owning Sean’s hot Ass.Update by George

  • It would be stupendously hugely hot to see Rico Marlon top Sean Xavier. Really looking forward to seeing Sean Xavier bottom again for a whole scene as Sean is such a terrific performer when he bottoms, in fact one of the very best.Update by George

  • A great hot hot scene. But I’m eagerly waiting for Sean Xavier to bottom again soon and to bottom for a whole scene, for when Sean Xavier bottoms he is absolutely fantastic and stupendous! Update by George

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