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  • What is happening at Lucas Entertainment? Kaden Alexander has been for the last 4 years a highly renowned Versatile Bottom on a range of established sites and has never been designated solely as Top as he is now by LE. I’m a great admirer of LE’s unique history of support for Ethnic performers, but sadly Sean Xavier was likewise solely designated…[Read more]

  • I note on Sean Xavier’s Twitter account that he now describes himself as a former porn star. If Sean is no longer making gay movies it is so very sad indeed as he an excellent talented star. Hopefully Lucas entertainment have some unreleased videos of Sean Xavier that we will be able to see soon and hopefully that will include him bottoming.…[Read more]

    • michaellucas Lucasman

      It is sad, but we still have a couple of unreleased scenes

      Posted on Dec 11, 2017
    • Raunchy Gentleman

      Thanks Michael and can’t wait to see your unreleased scenes of Sean Xavier. He is such a highly talented versatile performer with a strong fan base and hopefully he may yet in the future return to do so more scenes.

      Posted on Dec 11, 2017
  • Maybe I’m out of kilter with LE but I think that Sean Xavier is better when he bottoms, for when he does bottoms he is the center of attention. But I’ve given up now that we’ll ever see Sean bottom for a whole LE scene, the only time he’s done it in 6 years is for Michael Lucas a long time ago. Although he has done it on other sites, including…[Read more]

  • Michael Lucas should be applauded for having recruited such fantastic hot Versatile Black performers as Phoenix Fellington and Sean Xavier plus recent new Top Andre Donovan. Be wonderful too if Lucas Entertainment were able to also recruit other hot Black performers like DeAngelo Jackson, Liam Cyber and Trent King who like Phoenix, Sean and Andre…[Read more]

  • Raunchy Gentleman posted an update 2 months ago

    It’s great seeing Michael Lucas in top form again and I hope he does more. Be fantastic too if Michael can top Sean Xavier again, this time raw with doggy style and all. Update by George

  • I’m most pleased that Lucas Entertainment has recruited another hot talented Black performer in Andre Donavan who is a quality addition to Lucas Entertainment. It will be fantastic if Lucas Entertainment can do an all Black scene soon with Andre topping Sean Xavier that will be so hot.

    Update by George

  • I’m always most happy to see Sean Xavier perform as I’m a great fan of his. But as a great fan of Sean Xavier when are we ever going to see him be double tagged himself?

    Sean first appeared on Lucas Entertainment some 6 years ago and has shown himself to be the most highly talented versatile performer.

    His recent bottoming scenes have been…[Read more]

  • I fully agree with bowles that it would be excellent to put Phoenix and Sean Xavier together. Sean still has hidden depths to show to add to his enormous talents (still looking for him him to bottom soon for two tops) and Phoenix is a rising major star with a fantastic future ahead of him. Update by George

  • Wow Sean Xavier bottoming in his latest scene of October 2 was for me the hottest part of the scene. Sean Xavier is an absolutely class act when he bottoms and I do look forward to Sean showing his unique hot bottoming skills in a scene where he bottoms throughout for two hot tops.Update by George

  • Sean Xavier is such a magnificent versatile performer and Sean Xavier’s bottoming to me was the highlight of this scene. Hopefully now Sean Xavier will soon have a Lucas Entertainment scene where he bottoms throughout preferably bottoming for two tops. Sean Xavier is truly a fantastic class act when he bottoms.Update by George

  • Looks good to me too. But if it was Sean Xavier being double tagged by Brock and Audrey it would be stupendously awesome and seriously fantastic!!Update by George

  • Thanks bowles you make a lot of sense.Update by George

  • I’m a true long term fan of Sean Xavier and always like seeing him, but do wish he would bottom again soon as he does it so well giving great verbals. I know he will give even greater verbals as a bottom when being team tagged.Update by George

  • Great current scene with Alejandro Castillo topping Cody, but it would be awesomely fantastic by far to see Alejandro Castillo top Sean Xavier. In nearly 6 years of Sean Xavier appearing for Lucas Entertainment only once has Sean Xavier bottomed throughout a whole scene and that was for Michael Lucas being Sean Xavier’s best scene and a Landmark…[Read more]

  • What I would give to see Alejandro Castillo top Sean Xavier for a whole scene! But in nearly six years of hot versatile Sean Xavier being a Lucas model he has only bottomed once for a whole scene and that being for Michael Lucas that was Sean Xavier’s best ever scene. Other than that Sean has been flip-flopping or topping, without ever showing…[Read more]

  • When will we have the pleasure of seeing Sean Xavier being double teamed? It will be such a highly desirable scene.Update by George

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    • michaellucas Lucasman

      Coming up

      Posted on Jul 27, 2017
    • michaellucas Lucasman

      we are working on this and thank you!

      Posted on Jul 28, 2017
    • Raunchy Gentleman

      Thanks Micheal, fingers crossed and best wishes to you.

      Posted on Jul 28, 2017
    • Raunchy Gentleman

      In his latest twitter Sean Xavier is most eager to get fucked and requests Lucas Entertainment to arrange it seems now is an ideal time to give Sean Xavier a good double banging that many want to see Part 2/2 @SeanXavierXXX & @xLoganRogueX – Mountain View Sex. Like & RT to @LucasEnt to make this a full scene. #LucasMen #VersMenFuckHot #BJ

      Posted on Jul 31, 2017
  • Michael, I fully agree with Heka11 a raunchy gangbang of Sean Xavier by hard tops with piss drinking & hole stretching by a pool or a dungeon leather scene, will be totally awesome as well as overdue, can’t wait!Update by George

  • Raunchy Gentleman posted an update 6 months ago

    Hopefully we’ll have the pleasure of seeing Sean Xavier being pounded and bred soon. Sean is such a hot talented performer when he bottoms.Update by George

  • Raunchy Gentleman posted an update 6 months ago

    Another hot scene! But is it beyond our dreams and aspirations to finally see Sean Xavier get gang banged or DP’d by some some hot Lucas Entertainment studs like Rico Marlon and Cody Winter. I’m certain Sean Xavier will be up for it.Update by George

  • Great to see Logan Rogue in Top form. Great too that many of Lucas Entertainment’s finest performers including Sean Xavier are currently filming in Barcelona. It will be awesome if Logan and others top Sean Xavier and give him a good pounding and be fantastic to see Sean Xavier get gang banged by his fellow hot performers. Can’t wait.
    Update by George

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