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  • Hello this was a rip-off the blowjob took up almost the entire movie and it was advertised as “toys” it’s misleading the cosignees of the lc entertainment community a little disappointed (cute movie but description deceitful) Update by uf8666

  • you know what was also perfect ? The score and Zach Randall’s shirt❤️ lovely movie sweet too (funny, cute, to the point)Update by uf8666

  • Beautiful ❤️ One of the best things ever made ..I like the new videos ML don’t get me wrong they are sweet cool and intelligent but this is the real thing Lucas entertainment

    • Lucas Community Manager Community Staff

      Thank you for the beautiful words! Stay close more hot video are coming!

      Posted on Mar 10, 2015
  • Ohhh that park was also a gay beach?? Hmmm yeah incredible !!^^:DD ❤️ man you are so sweet and charming your innocence is so amusing I <33 the way you talk, it's beautiful everybody would love to keep you forever, you are a gem and by gem I mean precious stone or mineral everybody would love to have and you are the most muscular xoxo Update by uf8666

  • <3 ❤️ yeah <33 xoxo eating is one of my favourite pastimes too xoxo you Lachlan Its so entertaining watching your talk thanks for making an effort to come all the way to filthy NY xo Update by uf8666

  • My baby^^ lol ; oops better careful what you’re saying around an Austrrlian Σ(゚д゚lll)Update by uf8666

  • Hot <33 love your tattoos xo!!Update by uf8666

  • Omg this guy is amazing he’s b e a u t I f u l what a great sexy sweet guy I love his voice so normal very sexy he sounds like Kevin <3333 ️Update by uf8666

  • ooh this is so cute and innocent pure untainted love ♥♡ツ☼∞✿❥ i <33people who know what real normal life is about everyone else seems to be so ******* lost its annoying and irritating even they're sad sad people and they usually end up as fools its a reward for having so much sex btw (being a bitch and a hateful person without any love to give…[Read more]

  • aww Brand’s white teeth are sooooo cute <3 <3 <3 its the most innocent thing ive e v e r seen <333 so cute great movie, some parts i just had to ff, i cant stand the rear view cant look at itUpdate by uf8666

  • its taking forever. ./Update by uf8666

  • I love this picture its soooo smiling and THANKS for being on every possible Lucas Entertainment ad you really add to their visual value Colton xo

  • The beach scene with you and Jessie Colter was so great loved the weather (not really the island too queer) i could watch it again many times

  • Rafael, ton tatouage sur ton aine est le meilleur zeh kk mefo’ar ani ochev et zeh

  • It’s beautiful <3

  • I <3 this this is so awesome and cool *** i xxx this ⬆️ in my head congratulations for making a cool animation:-) perfect for the shit weather in NYC