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Thu, December 15, 2016

Wolf Rayet Answers Some Questions For His Fans

Wolf Rayet is both adorable and sexy at the same time, making him extra special to watch when he strips down with the other Lucas Men. Wolf answered some questions for his fans; see what he has to say below:

Where is home for you currently? I’m living in London at the moment.

Where were you born? I have southern Italian blood running through my veins.

What do you do when you’re not shooting porn? You can defiantly find me at the gym working out. The gym has been my second home for two years now. I usually train five to six times per week, and if for some reason I can’t attend the gym on any day, I need to find something (or someone) that can help me replace my missed workout.

What inspired you to start modeling? Modeling in the adult industry was an idea that started running through my mind for a while. Eventually I made the decision I was ready to jump in. I submitted my application and photos to different companies and here I am. I’m into the porn industry because I love being the sexual desire of other men: thinking about them wanking off watching me gets me off big time.

What is your preferred sexual position — Top, Bottom, or Versatile? I’m totally versatile. I define myself as a “position-fluid.” Sometimes I just want to top, and other times I just want to bottom. But it all depends on the guy(s) who I’m getting into bed with, and also the level of excitement. And if the situation needs someone to flip, I’m definitely your guy.

What is your favorite sexual activity? Definitely oral sex, both giving and receiving. I’ve been told by oral bottoms that I’m a great partner to blow. So, yes, I love cock worshipping.

Where is the craziest place you’ve ever had sex? On a beach. Summer. Daytime. Crowded.

Who is your fantasy fuck? I fell in love with the newcomer Sunny Colucci ever since I saw him in action for the first time. He’s got it all: he’s gorgeous, ripped, and has a nice cock. He’s one of those guys I could never say “no” to.

What kind of guys do you like? I go crazy for short guys with big muscles. I also love nicely trimmed beards. What really turns me on are huge thighs and big calves — that’s my fetish. And why leave out big juicy cocks, too. If someone has all those traits — and is a ginger — then I want that guy to be my personal sex toy.

Where is your favorite place to have sex? Recently, I’ve been enjoying outdoor sex: like parks, beaches, and other public places. It’s not comfortable usually, but the link to nature and the thrill of exhibitionism makes the situation way hotter.

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