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Wed, April 28, 2010

Spencer Reed Speaks with

Spencer Reed was recently interviewed by and talked about working for Lucas Entertainment and his boyfriend Phillip Aubrey!


Spencer Reed is a porn actor who worked for large companies that Falcon and Lucas Entertainment. He is this week’s respondent at

Q: Are you gay, bi or straight?
Spencer Reed: I’m gay.

Q: Single?
SR: No, taken.

Q: Where do you live?
SR: Right now I live in Washington DC.

Q: What is your biggest asset as a porn star?
SR: I have been told that I have very strong presence in films. In addition, I have much muscle, a big cock and also I’m a great practitioner of this profession.

Q: How many movies have you been in?
SR: As of today I’ve done twenty DVD movies and appeared in over 75 scenes online. I’ve been filming like crazy lately and have five more movies coming out soon.

Q: Which porn actors would you like to work with?
SR: Oh, there are so many…Chris Porter, Cameron Adams, Jayden Grey, Roman Heart and Pierre Fitch, for example.


Q: Have you ever had sex with an partner after a shoot?
SR: Of course. Far too many times to remember all. It’s always cool to be a bit more passionate sex with someone you discovered that you click with me.

Q: What are you attracted to?
SR: “Bad Boys,” tattoos, abs, muscular legs, butts, blond guys and spontaneity.

Q: How would you rank yourself, on a scale from one to ten?
SR: A ten course, and there I found not only on my opinions…


Q: Tell us about your coolest sex scene!
SR: Getting the film with my boyfriend Phillip Aubrey was fantastic. We have done two films together, both for Lucas Entertainment. We like to take on new projects together and stretch our limits sexually. Filming together gives us a unique opportunity to express our love and desire for each other.

Q: What is that weird thing that happened during filming?
SR: God, porn shoots are full of such moments! But one of the darkest was when I was about to record a movie and I saw the director sitting in front of the television monitors and jerking off. But I guess I should take it as a compliment…

Q: Have you ever dated/have sex with a Swedish guy?
SR: No, but in high school I dated a Swedish girl. But I would love to have sex with a Swedish guy.


Q: Have you been to Sweden?
SR: No, but I have heard it is beautiful, and I love to go snowboarding so I would love to go there in winter.

Q: Who is the world’s sexiest man?
SR: Without a doubt, Brad Pitt.

Q: Your measurements?
SR: 185 cm, 97 kg and 22 cm thick long cock.

Q: If a fan want to get in touch with you, how would they?
SR: Either you go to my website or my Facebook profile. You can also follow me via twitter.

Q: What do you do in your spare time?
SR: I’m at the gym very often because I think it’s fun. Otherwise I’m with mates, at a club or spending time with my boyfriend.

Check out all of Spencer Reed’s movies at!

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