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Tue, April 05, 2011

Servicing the boss!

Check out more images of the rough and ready man-in-charge Junior Stellano and his boy-toy Brad Star!

The powerful club owner makes his way to his office, where he finds half-naked stud Brad Star waiting to service him. Brad wastes no time getting onto his knees and getting Junior Stellano’s thick cock wet. Junior decides he wants a taste of Brad’s massive member and greedily takes it into his mouth. Junior lies across his desk, letting Brad plunge his dick to the back of his throat while Brad reaches over to choke Junior’s down to the base. Brad climbs onto the desk and spreads wide on all fours so Junior can get his tongue into his tight hole. Brad then bends Junior over the desk and fucks him deep. Junior then lies back onto the desk and has Brad climb on top to ride his rock hard pole. Brad busts his load onto Junior’s furry chest before Junior drains his own cock of hot cum, which he gobbles down. Now that Junior has had his way with him, he dismisses Brad.

Watch This Scene Now    Pre-Order ASSASSIN Now

Watch This Scene Now    Pre-Order ASSASSIN Now

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