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Wed, June 02, 2010

Mike Dreyden behind the scenes… and in drag!

Hey guys, Mike Dreyden here,

There are moments in your life when you are handed a golden opportunity and you have to take it, no matter the cost, because if you don’t you’ll regret not having taken a chance or experiencing a life changing adventure. This is what happened to me when my cell phone rang and Michael Lucas and Mr. Pam called me to join the cast of Return To Fire Island. As you know, my scene partner was the super sexy and incredibly funny Wilfried Knight. Since appearing in that project I’ve developed a great friendship with both Michael and Mr. Pam. Wilfried and I still keep in touch via email and txt each other all the time.

Fast forward a few months to another phone call from Mr. Pam offering me a chance to work behind the camera on OBSESSION as the Production Manager. Coming from a theater and film background, I was elated! An entire weekend on Fire Island, shooting some of the hottest men having incredible sex! Creating a summer rain storm, setting up cameras and lighting, shopping for dinners… we did it all and it was the best time I had last summer! This is also when I met Spencer Reed, Avi Dar and Matan Shalev and of course a reunion with Wilfried. It was like old times. In case you missed it or have not seen the film, I have a cameo in a scene with Wilfried… Check it out! I will forever be grateful for these opportunities.

This past weekend I attended the 12th Annual Grabby Awards in Chicago. Originally I was to present a few awards, but that changed when the Lucas gang changed their plans and traveled to Israel for a shoot. Mr. Pam called to ask if in the event Lucas Entertainment were to win any awards, would I be willing to accept on their behalf. How could I say no… of course. But here’s the best part… on Friday afternoon I got a knock at my hotel room door. The concierge had delivered a package containing a blond wig. I had not only agreed to accept but I promised to “channel” Mr. Pam. So here I am sitting right at the front of the stage and when the announcement for Videographer of the Year came and all the nominees were called, I pulled out the wig to be ready to jump on stage. Then it happened… “The Grabby award goes to…… MR. PAM, for Men of Israel!” On went the wig and up I jumped and the rest is legendary! At first the audience didn’t quite know what was going on. But after I did my best impersonation of Mr. Pam, I moved over to the mic and said… “Of course I’m not Mr. Pam… she is in Israel shooting but asked me to accept on her behalf. She wants you all to know that she is honored and asks everyone she’s ever shoved a camera up their ass to please stand up and shout “I LOVE GAY PORN”! To my surprise a large number of guys did and totally shouted out!

Then I was to introduce the clip for Men of Israel. Again, I thought I would be presenting an award, but the Grabbys had other plans and asked me to come up with something fun and great to share about the film, the studio and about jews… um, okaaaay? Earlier that day before the show I was at the gym trying to figure out what the hell I was going to say. Then it hit me. How many people actually know anything about Israel? I wanted my intro to be informative, fun, short and sweet only because to be honest… these shows can run long and after a while you’re ready to get the hell out of dodge! LOL! Here’s what I came up with…

“Located on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea… Israel, is the world’s only predominantly Jewish state. With a population of 7 and a half million people, of those 5.7 million are… THE MEN OF ISRAEL”. With that said, applause roared and then the clip began to play. I felt so much joy and excitement. Being Jewish and now wearing my kippah (yamika) in public, it’s been quite a statement to everyone who doesn’t know me and how apropos to be asked to represent my brothers in a way never done before. I honestly don’t know ANYONE else at the Grabbys who could have done this justice, so my heart felt thanks and appreciation to Michael and Mr. Pam for asking me again to be a part of their adventures and successes. I have to mention as well that I got an email from Rafael Alencar who also could not make the event and asked me to accept any awards on his behalf should he win. He did win… Best Cock (Uncut)… He does have a hot cock! Congratulations baby… call me when you’re back in New York so we can catch up!

You may be wondering what I’ve been up to since my work on RTFI. Well, if you join my Facebook fan page you’ll know every detail. I’m also looking forward to working with Lucas Entertainment again. My dream gig with them is to do a shoot in Israel… maybe a scene with Jonathan Agassi? Who knows. Who would you like to see me do a scene with? Write the studio and let them know.

Big hugs & Big love to you all!


2 responses to Mike Dreyden behind the scenes… and in drag!

  1. mr. Pam said on June 2, 2010

    omg- i have tears in my eyes. I am so touched by your blog and your story of the evening. And laughing too – that wig is sooo great on you!

    I love you and thank you so much for being soooo fucking awesome and representing not only me, Michael but all the wonderful Jewish people in Israel – who I have met and have in my heart. You are an amazing person and I’m so happy to have worked with you on Obsession, partied with you in New York…. and of course, shot you fuckin!

    TODA RABA MOTEK!!! sexy hot Motek!!!

    love with all my heart…
    mr. Pam

  2. Andrey Sercovisky said on June 4, 2010

    I want Rafael Alencar’s cock.
    Best cock ever we can see.
    Is there any bisexual movie with him ?
    Matan Shalev is hot too.
    I have a movie where they fight.
    Big load , big time.

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