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Fri, January 14, 2011

Michael Lucas answers your fan mail!

Hi Michael, do you have a foot fetish? and is there a foot fetish film coming out from you soon? Who do you think has the nicest feet out of all your models?

ANSWER: Yes, I do like when guys worship my feet. If you look at our Raunch line, we have several feet films. Feet! And Feet Extreme! Your best source is and you can subscribe to our newsletter and it’s always a great help if you become a member of our site. As for nicest feet, it’s a long list and I don’t want to upset anybody : )

Will we ever see the beautiful Naor Tal again? We’ve been patiently waiting.

ANSWER: If you’re a fan of Naor Tal, you should definitely get his collection of movies. At this point I do not have plans to shoot in Israel, as we did it several times. We usually don’t film in the same country more than two times, except of course in America.


Hello Michael.
I’ve been a huge fan of your work from the start and I need to confess that I love even more your latest productions !
I just HAVE to buy every movie you’re making, I’m even buying the DVDs from your Raunch series, even though it’s not my favorite ones. I’m not too excited with all your Piss scenes, but I manage to enjoy some of these scenes anyway because the guys are just too sexy !
I’m more a vanilla-type of guy, and I just love to watch a scene with just two guys having “regular sex” together..
Your movies are always my favorite productions because your scenes are usually long, sexy and very passionate.
I love all the foreplay with the guys exchanging long and deep kissing, caressing their bodies, then the sucking and fucking are much more hotter !
Congratulations to you for recently hiring sexy guys as Harry Louis (woaw…), Jay Roberts, Brice Farmer, or Jake Steel. I hope to see again Matan Shalev and the amazing Rafael Carreras in future productions.
May I also suggest inviting the sexy Jayden Grey to join your company ?
And I may even add another name : David from San Francisco. He is an escort there but has made various small movies, most of them small productions or home-made movies.. This guy’s middle name should be SEX and I’m sure he would be just incredible under your direction (or Mr Pam’s who is always doing an amazing work)
Anyway, as you probably guessed it by now, I’m a huge FAN of all your movies !!
I don’t really have a question for you today, but I wanted to share my attraction of your work..
Or maybe just a little question after all : Do you have any plan to produce your movies in blu-ray in the future ?
Keep up the good work and thanks for all the HOT TIMES !!

ANSWER: Thank you so much for such compliments! As for blu-ray, I don’t think we’re going to do it this year. I don’t feel like there is a strong demand at this point.

Hi Michael,
What are you going to do with Raunch Line?It’s always fair weather.when I see your golden showers…..
Wet Kiss

ANSWER: We’ve had a lot of fans of this line, and we are going to keep producing those wet movies you appreciate so much. We’re also working on a new website specifically for Raunch…details coming soon!


Hi Michael,
I am a heterosexual woman, but I love your work (yes i know it’s a bit strange).
I have to say that all scenes which you did in Berlin are amazing
Now the question
1. Which of all the scenes you do you like and don’t like the most and why?
2. Do you sometimes think about retirement as a model or you will be playing as long as you can or people would like to watching you?
Best wishes

ANSWER: That’s a great compliment and no it’s not a strange thing as we do receive a lot of fan mail from ladies. I always like scenes where models are very much into each other and click very well. You can never fake passion! I have no plans for retirement; I’m going to be 40 next year and I think I’m very young : )


How old were you when you lost your virginity?

ANSWER: I was a late bloomer, I think I first slept with a guy when I was 19.

Wow what can i say HUGE fan…I think many people underestimate the importance of porn, I think watching the chemistry between two people (m/m, f/m or f/f) is beautiful; and helps enrich many sex lives. Having said that, I have four questions:
1)How do you determine the pairing of a scene? all of your scenes have partners with great chemistry, do you do an actual “matching” process or is it luck of the draw (if the latter is the case, you are batting 1000 my friend).
2)This question is kinda related to the first one, I love that you give a huge spotlight to foreplay, I sometimes get more turned on by all the kissing and rubbing that goes on in your movies than with the actual buffing. Not that many companies focus on this, and I think it is one of the many things that separate your production from theirs. Have you always felt passionate about foreplay in your personal life and is that the reason you made a point of having it in your movies?
3) I LOVE Mr.PAM, I think that she has talent coming out of her ears!!! How did you two end up working together?
4)I find your advocacy for safe sex incredibly responsible. I think that as a responsible person, and in this day and age, safe sex should be practiced at all times. Aside from Lucas Entertainment, do you encourage safe sex in other ways (i.e. other organizations, events, etc.), just curious.
Lastly, just as a request…..I would love to see another scene between spencer reed and Philip Aubrey, I think that they are toooooo beautiful together not to Obsess over…

ANSWER: I do match people based on the answers they give in the interview process (what they like and what they don’t like), we have at least 20 questions we ask our models. But the guys do not meet each other before productions (sometimes we send pictures). I think in my personal life, it very much depends on my mood. I’m lucky to be attracted to all different types of guys and I enjoy different types of sex. I can be romantic with one situation and rough with another. It depends both on my mood and the mood of my partner. Yes, I have done a lot of ads for safe sex. I have spoken about safe sex at campuses and different university lectures. In all my interviews I always touch upon the topic of safe sex. And we work with both Spencer Reed and Philip Aubrey a lot! They are very hot couple!

Do you know Hebrew or Yiddish? Or maybe both?

ANSWER: My great grandparents speak some Yiddish, but my Hebrew is limited to a few sentences. I wish I had time to learn Hebrew!


5 responses to Michael Lucas answers your fan mail!

  1. angel said on January 14, 2011

    hello michael! I love you and your work! you’ve done surgery on your lips? or they are natural? it’s so nice to see!
    and it was you who told harry louis to be bottom in the scene with Hogo martin? he liked or not? and he’ll make other scene like that? you also have to make
    thank you

  2. Ronald said on January 15, 2011

    well, i got me the anor tal collection already, but but but that’s not a reason NOT to hire him again, u can always invite him to the states.
    That ass meat is too good to lose.

  3. Mark said on January 24, 2011

    ML – How do you so successfully pair up certain models in scenes ? You have some of the hottest porn stars of the millenium and you seem to pair them so that they work so well together – never outshining one another or having any diva like dominance of the other . How do you select them so that their erotic personalities seem to work so flawlessly in rhythm ?

  4. barry tompkins said on February 14, 2011

    just by luck i ran across your new model cezar dior. this guy has a big fellowing of black fans. cezar dior and his real life brother both were top model at another company, and under a different name. the company en. and we were at a lost of them. now thanks to lucas entertainment cezar dior lives. now if only you get his brother aboard the could be a win win. for your fans, and the fans of cezar dior and brother.these brothers movies for me are purchase sight unseen. lucas entertainment as one of my favorites studio ( and at this point i have over some 100 movies and counting) the new sluts yes this is a sure bet movie that will be added to my collect, this and any cezar dior movies put out by you. at this time i have some 15 movies of your company to complete or undate my collection to date. cezar dior love him and his brother. promote them and they can pay for themselves. they have a huge fellowing

  5. myfakename said on November 2, 2014

    ML, just for seeing the pictures, visitors must join aka PAY. 🙁

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