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Wed, November 09, 2011

Michael interrogates Logan Stevens and newbie Barrington Brooks

Check out Michael Lucas’ interrogation of newcomer Barrington Brooks and blue-eyed stud Logan Stevens. See what the porn virgin gets turned on by and hear how Brooks wants Ashton Kutcher to bottom for him!

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Barrington Brooks has one asset literally built for a career in gay porn: his long, thick, 10-inch cock. The man brought on the set to handle it is Lucas Entertainment veteran Logan Stevens, a lean, blond cutie with a taste for chocolate! After Michael talks with the guys, Barrington (who is a total top) lays back and allows Logan’s lips to get to work. He gravitates towards the prize — Barrington’s monster cock — and licks it beneath the black hunk’s underwear before whipping it out and playing with it’s size and girth. The guys swap blowjobs (Logan himself is packing an ample 8-inch dick in his pants) and Barrington laps and licks Logan’s ass, but it’s apparent what’s coming when Logan flattens out on his back, throws his legs into the air, and puckers his hole. Barrington rolls on a condom and eases his way into Logan. Logan hoists his legs high into the air to give as smooth an entry as possible, but Barrington’s girth is nearly too much to take. Logan switches into several positions — on his back, doggy, even riding — and he doesn’t fail to service all of Barrington’s needs and demands. He does his job as a bottom well: Barrington has no problems reaching climax and cumming!

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