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Thu, October 14, 2010

Mega-hung Ben Andrews serves up your answers!

1) Alessandro: Dear Ben, how are you? What’s your next film?I hope to see you again ….in action!!

A: Hi Alessandro! I’ve been on a small break and am probably going to start filming again within these next few months after some religious gym time. Until then, I have a second dildo in the works that should hopefully be coming out soon!

2) Johnny: Hey Ben, do you have a boyfriend?, greetings from Iquitos-Peru.

A: No serious boyfriend right now, Johnny. Have been casually dating but none of them have gotten serious. For now my boyfriend is my dog, Pierre haha…

3) Lance: I’d love to see you to do a scene with Naor Tal, Avi Dar and Jonathan Agassi. Separately! Question: would you bottom for someone?

A: That would be pretty hot, Lance! The Israeli boys here at Lucas are all so sexy. I still haven’t even bottomed in my personal life (contrary to what some people think) so it’d probably be a while before I gave it up on screen.

4) Rico: In your personal life- u ever have bottoms who can’t take your huge dick? what do you do then?

A: It usually works… Lots of lube and patience. And if it just won’t work, I’m ok with just keeping it simple and sticking with foreplay.

5) Ryan: Do feel that some guys in your private life look past your beauty and personality just for your dick size? Do you find it difficult to date because of that?

A: I don’t think it’s usually a problem, Ryan. I do have trouble dating sometimes though, just because I’m not one to settle.

***Thanks for your questions, everyone! I’m looking forward to getting back in front of the camera soon for everyone! If anyone else had a question that didn’t make the cut, you can holler at me on twitter, @BenAndrewsNYC.


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  1. Chris said on October 14, 2010

    Hey Ben, how are you? I notice you live in NYC. I am a frequent visitor to Manhattan. Was wondering if you would ever be interested in meeting a fan?

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