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Tue, July 12, 2016

Leo Forte And The Pecs You’ll Want To Bite

The first thing that caught my eye about Leo Forte was his chest hair. It wasn’t his handsome face, his beautiful caramel skin, or his eight inches of rock-hard cock. It was his beautifully and evenly dispersed down of hair on his chest and stomach — never shave it off for anyone, Leo! Leo Forte is overall one hell of a sexy guy, and he continues to prove that Lucas Entertainment is bringing hot guy after hot guy to star in the studio’s scenes and films.

Leo’s first scene was released yesterday with Ibrahim Moreno and Gabriel Taurus, and he shows that he can take cock as well as give it. But I have a request for the production team: film Leo on a day where he’s feeling like a total top. I want to see him totally demolish a bottom guy, and I want that bottom guy to know he’s going to get fucked good, but not that good.

Here are some glamour photos highlighting just how sexy Leo Forte is (warning: you’ll be filled with the urge to bite his pecs after looking at these pictures):

2 responses to Leo Forte And The Pecs You’ll Want To Bite

  1. rextrek said on September 25, 2016

    MMMMmmmmmm Good! HOT DAM sexy and Under-rated…….He needs to be used more often….XXX’s

  2. rextrek said on November 25, 2016

    This Man is One of My Faves….Hot Dammmm would this daddy like to get a Hold of Him…..

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