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Fri, August 16, 2019

Learn More About Max Arion

Max Arion is an all-star amount the exclusive Lucas Men. Why? Because he’s hot as hell, and he’s relentless when he’s fucking another guy. And he has an amazing four-way scene coming out next Friday.

But there’s a lot more behind the handsome face, hot body, and incredible 10-inch uncut dick. Learn more about Max Arion below:

Max, where were you born? Sydney, Australia

Where do you live now? Sydney, Australia

What is your preferred sex position: Top, Bottom, or Versatile? Top/Versatile

How did you start in adult modeling? I’ve always been sexually adventurous and comfortable in my own skin. I’ve been doing life modeling for photographers and artists for years. In that time I became more comfortable with more erotic ideas and expressing my sexual and creative side. Sex for me is an important part of my life that I enjoy sharing, so this seemed like a fun and adventurous next step.

What do you do when you’re not filming porn? I am a writer and researcher; I actually research a lot about sex and sexuality. So I guess that is a good fit to go back to my “day job” between shoots. I am a huge nerd and a bookworm… nothing better than a good read, whether fiction or nonfiction. Downtime is also about keeping fit with gym, yoga, and video games. Sexy adventures, a happy mind and body with a good book, and I am content.

What is your favorite sexual activity? Do I have to play favorites? There are too many to limit me to one activity! Exploring a new body is always exciting, and I can never go past wild hot passionate sex. Connection, respect and understanding is key — whether that is a jerk-off bud, all-day sex marathon or something more intimate and intense.

Where is the craziest place you’ve ever had sex? When i was 18 or so, me and my mate had sex on a swing set in a playground at night. It was like a mini sling moment. I also have had sex in a graveyard, on a train, and in a food truck.

What kind of guys are you attracted to? I am a sucker for scruffy hairy men, bright kind eyes and a furry butt. Other than the physical, I am also a sucker for men who are kind and not afraid to speak their mind.

Where is your favorite place to have sex? A huge king-sized bed (you can fit more people that way, ha!


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