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Thu, September 09, 2010

Jonathan Agassi fucks himself with a bottle on stage!

Let me tell you about my show in Athens!

Remember my movie “Piss Gods“? Remember the part with the beer bottle? HMMM

This time I used cranberry liquor bottle!

So this is how it all happened:
I’m going on stage, and it was kind of weird because all of the Greek guys where far away from the stage! (Usually people get like animals in these shows and just want to touch the performers as much as possible… and I want to too!!)
So I thought that was strange!
Anyways!!!! So I’m doing my thing and MY COCK WAS ROCK HARD! When suddenly guess what? The music started to jump and I thought to myself ” no fucking way”!

What am I suppose to do????

But me being me, I didn’t give up! I started talking with the crowd and making sure everyone was having a good time, which I think it totally saved the show!
A few minutes later the music got fixed and suddenly I see this cranberry bottle (hehe) so I just sat on it! I jumped on it… shacked my ass on it… well u get the point ☺ (of course after I finished fucking myself with it then I drank from it…mmmmm)

Then people started to wake up! As I saw them clapping and getting excited I went down to the crowd and passed my big fat cock to each one of them!

That was so much fun!!!!
After I finished I went and signed my pictures and my biggest fan came to me and brought me a big bag of goodies ☺
(Thank you Vessos)

The next day I went back to Berlin to pack again for my trip to Canada, where I am now!!
I got here a few days ago and I’m having a blast!
Yesterday I celebrated ROSH HASHANA with my family here in Canada and it was so exciting and fun!

Oh oh oh!
(I have always heard about it on Oprah hehe, wow, SO CHEAP!!! )

Shana Tova (Happy new Year)

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1 response to Jonathan Agassi fucks himself with a bottle on stage!

  1. chad said on September 10, 2010

    Wow, looks like it was a great show, where was it?

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