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Thu, January 06, 2011

Jake Steel answers your fan mail!

Q: Ian Marshall says:

Jake- Can you please tell us on a scale of 1- 10 how ticklish you are AND where you are ticklish? Thanks- Ian

A: Ian, my ticklish level goes from like 7 to 9 depending on when and where I am being ticked. I think I am most ticklish on the bottom of my feet and I am more sensitive to being ticklish right after I cum or if I am really tired.

Q: Pascal says:

Hey Jake
What kind of kinky action will we have the pleasure to watch you in? Anything you’ll NEVER do?

A: Pascal, I am very open to whatever the industry has to offer me. Sky is the limit. Please let me and the studios know what would really turn you on. In terms of things I will probably don’t see myself doing in the industry is bareback porn and getting fisted… my ass isn’t that talented, yet.

Q: Alessandro says:

Hi Jake,
Congratulations for your job with Lucas Entertainment..
You are very HOT!Do you like piss?feet?I hope to see you in raunch movies…….

A: Alessandro, thank you so much! Lucas Entertainment has been very good to me and they are a great company to work for. They have some of my best scenes. Piss and Boots was actually my first in counter with piss. In my personal life I think I would be too concerned with the whole clean-up, if it ever came to that in the bedroom. I personally don’t have a foot fetish but I love when guys like my feet. It feels so fucking good having a guy rub them and play with them. The raunch movies are a lot of fun to do. I love good hard aggressive sex.

Q: Tony says:

Jake, in your personal life are you more top or bottom?

A: Tony, in my personal life I feel like I actually tend to top more so than bottom. However, I am very versatile. In my ideal sex life I like being with a guy or guys who are versatile. There is nothing hotter than a guy who can fuck the hell out me then roll over and take it like a champ. I don’t believe in being greedy and just being a top or just being a bottom. I believe in having hot sex any way possible.

Q: Francisco says:

How did you decide to do porn and what did you to get started?

A: Francisco, I started doing porn to help support myself financially through college. I never really knew whether or not I would be good at it, but as fate would have it I seem to be doing pretty well and you boys seem to still be watching. I really enjoy my job. I love all the interesting people I have met in the industry and all the great places I have traveled to.

1 response to Jake Steel answers your fan mail!

  1. Hugo said on August 28, 2011

    Message for Jake Steel,

    Dear Jake,
    Regards from Belgium !

    What about a scene where you are tied and teased slowy and also dominated in bondage: Close up on your face to see pleasure and pain, close-up on your nice feet.

    I m looking forward.

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