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Wed, July 14, 2010

Euro-stud Jay Roberts talks sex and what was his “hottest scene ever!”

Hey guys it’s Jay Roberts, so I had to think how to start this off and it took me a while to figure it out but here’s how it all began:

When I started to grasp my sexuality, I knew that I liked men. I knew I liked them so much so that I wanted to explore that further and do porn. I always fancied to fuck with hot men: hairy, muscled, tanned, smooth… all types! What would be a better way to do it than in porn?

My adult film career started long time ago and it all began with nothing more than simple… 3way. There is not enough dick to satisfy a gay man, right? But the entire scene took way too long. It started early in the morning and then didn’t finished until early in the morning on the following day. It was the longest scene I have ever done but after awhile I realized not all shoots are like that and I wanted another taste. So I did another and then another porn movie and it just kept getting better!

In the summer of 2009 I met Michael Lucas for the first time. I took the short trip from London to Paris and did my first scene for Lucas Entertainment. It was amazing, so easy and relaxed. We shot in a great apartment that was in the heart of the gay section in the city of love. The title of that movie was Paris Playboys. It is always easy if there is chemistry on the set, Brice Farmer, my partner in the scene, was a young Parisian gay boy in his early 20’s. I loved kissing and sucking and then fucking his tight ass like crazy. That was so hot! There was passion and lots of cum…and in the end the intensity was so well transferred on screen that our scene was nominated in early 2010 for The Best Passionate Sex Scene of 2009! It was amazing and it felt so great to know that there are people who enjoy the passion and do not see it only as a simple fuck, hot arse, rock hard dicks and cum.

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After this experience I met Michael, Nate and of course the most talented and cheeky Mr. Pam again. It was October 2009 and the next hot scene I did was set in the amazingly beautiful Israel. We had sun, hot men and cool waters of the Jordan River… this was our set and it was phenomenal! Lucas Entertainment brought in guys from all over the world for this film Inside Israel. My scene was with the fucking amazingly hot Spanish man Bruno Jones. I loved his tight ass and huge dick, and oh man how he can fuck and suck. He pounded my ass on and off the set. The vibe and the electricity were on the set all day long. Sexy Jonathan Agassi couldn’t resist and helped us to keep “the tension” with deep-throated our hard dicks and rimmed my ass. People passing us by on the boats always cut into our moment of pleasure, but right after they were far enough away from the set, it all came back with a click of a camera. For now I can tell you, this is the hottest scene I have ever made!

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The greatest moments are not only on the set shooting a porn, but staying in touch. Sending emails, texts or phone calls with all the models and guys from the productions. It is a big horny family, waiting yet for another cum shot.

Can’t wait to play with u guys again. It’s a pleasure, not work. So let’s stop writing and let’s all fuck!

-Jay Roberts

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